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Fulltone Custom Shop PlimSoul MkII | Overdrive/Distortion
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Fulltone Custom Shop PlimSoul MkII | Overdrive/Distortion

Upgraded PlimSoul - Soft & Hard Clipping In One

Soft-Clipped pedals include Tube Screamers, Fulldrive2, and OD-1, which get their distortion by using diodes placed in the feedback loop of their Op-amp. This type of clipping is generally favoured by the folks wanting a cleaner, more compressed, low-to-medium gained overdrive sound.

The other choice we have are Hard-Clipped pedals like the RAT, Distortion+ and Boss DS-1. These pedals create distortion using diodes tied to ground or, unique to the Fulltone OCDv2, Mosfets that are tied to the half-way point between 9 volts and ground (called Vref), offering a more natural sounding distortion, one that emulates the SAG (feel) of an amp's tube rectifier.

The original PlimSoul is the only pedal to offer both Soft & Hard clipping with separate control over each. Michael Fuller designed the PlimSoul's unique, independent dual-stage clipping circuit to replicate not only the sound, but the feel of a tube amp with its subtleties and complexities, resulting in being granted a U.S. Patent.

WAS: £239.00
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The PlimSoul was a great first step, but the PlimSoul mkII offers significant improvements over it:

  • Input Impedance increased from 500k to 1.1 Megaohms for even better interaction with guitar's volume knob.
  • Top-Mounted Jacks and external power port.
  • Soft-Clipping (Stage 1) and Hard-Clipping (Stage 2) are now truly-independent, allowing for aggressive, punchy gain with the HardClipping knob turned up even while the Soft-Clipping knob is turned down!
  • Hard clipping now uses two Germanium Diodes tied to Vref instead of LEDs resulting in a night-and-day improvement.
  • New loss-less Bass switch, located just before the Hard-Clipping in the circuit, giving the ability for tight, percussive distortion that's not muddy. You will find your place in the mix immediately, and sound great doing it!
  • Treble control now offers plenty of brightness when turned up.
  • The Soft-Clipping stage is extremely Asymmetrical, the Hard-Clipping stage is Symmetrical, dial-in infinite combinations of the two.

The Fulltone PlimSoul mkII might be the most versatile overdrive/distortion ever made. They are hand-built in the U.S.A. using top-notch, full size components, many of which are designed by Fulltone.