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Dr Z Maz 38 NR Mk. II | 18/38-Watt Head
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Dr. Z

Dr Z Maz 38 NR Mk. II | 18/38-Watt Head

All-Tube 38 Watt Amp - Hand-Wired In Ohio, USA

Experience sonic excellence with the DR Z MAZ 38 NR Mk. II amplifier. Originating from a legendary 3×10 combo at Joe Walsh's behest, this amp delivers a dynamic range perfect for stages, clubs, and studios. Revel in clean headroom or engage the 1/2 power switch for tube overdrive. Its unique split load cathode biased output offers unrivalled authority. The front panel controls provide complete tonal control, while the rear features versatile outputs and a footswitchable EQ bypass. With EL84s, 12AX7s, and a 5AR4 rectifier, you'll harness 38 watts of pure power. Evolving from a classic, the Mk. II version boasts pristine American cleans, British overdrive, and hard rock crunch. The post-phase inverter master volume refines your tone at any level, and the ultra-light cabinet ensures tonal purity. Unleash your musical expression with the Variable Boost footswitch and ascend to new sonic realms. The DR Z MAZ 38 NR Mk. II isn't just an amp; it's your path to limitless creativity.

"Big, bold headroom, club friendly versatility, legendary MAZ tone; this is like two amps in one!" - Dr. Z

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Introducing the DR Z MAZ 38 NR Mk. II, a masterpiece of sonic engineering meticulously designed to bring your musical expression to unprecedented heights. This exceptional amplifier, tracing its lineage to the very roots of legendary tones, stands as a testament to Dr. Z's commitment to both tradition and innovation.

Originally conceived as a 3×10 combo unit, the MAZ 38 NR Mk. II was borne out of a specific request from none other than the renowned Joe Walsh. This veritable chameleon of an amp boasts a sweeping range that effortlessly spans vast concert stages, intimate corner clubs, and the cosy confines of your home studio. Are you ready to ascend to a realm where musical dreams know no boundaries?

Behold the commanding versatility of the 38 NR Mk. II, capable of offering copious amounts of pristine clean headroom, providing the perfect canvas for your pedal artistry to unfold. Or, engage the 1/2 power switch in tandem with the post-phase inverter master volume and unchain the sweet, harmonically rich embrace of tube overdrive. This symphony of tones, crafted by the fusion of cutting-edge technology and time-honoured craftsmanship, is the epitome of sonic alchemy.

Dive into the heart of the 38 NR Mk. II, where a meticulously designed split load cathode biased output stage stands as a harbinger of tonal supremacy, a feature rarely encountered in the realm of EL84 powered amplifiers. Contrasted with its reverb-equipped counterpart, the Maz 38 Mk. II, this version boasts an enhanced drive and low-end authority. Experience the lush dynamism of its gain structure, characterised by a tight, resonant bass foundation and crystalline clarity that remains unparalleled. For connoisseurs of rock, blues, and roots music, the NR Mk. II emerges as the ultimate instrument of choice, a conduit for unbridled artistic expression.

Survey the front panel, a control centre tailored for sonic explorations. The symphony of options includes Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master, and the ever-evolving Cut control, beckoning you to sculpt your tonal odyssey. Venture to the rear panel, replete with a trifecta of 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outputs, a 1/2 power switch that unveils a world of power tube compression, and a buffered effects loop. The inclusion of the EQ bypass function, harmoniously danceable with a footswitch, ushers in a transformative lead boost, effectively rendering the 38 NR Mk. II a dynamic 2-channel amplifier.

The beating heart of this auditory marvel lies in its tube complement, a symphony of sound-crafting components. Four cathode biased EL84s, three 12AX7s gracing the front end, and a 5AR4 rectifier fuse harmoniously to bestow an unprecedented 38 watts of raw power at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in the expanse of sound, where every note unfurls with unrivalled clarity, allowing your guitar to claim its rightful place at the forefront of any musical ensemble.

The MAZ 38 NR, an embodiment of sonic supremacy, has been etched into the annals of amplification history, revered for its authoritative voice capable of commanding stages from intimate barrooms to sprawling stadiums. The testament to this legacy is witnessed in the continued evolution of the MAZ 38 NR, now bestowed with the Mk. II designation, a testament to Dr. Z's tireless pursuit of perfection and his unwavering devotion to the needs of discerning musicians.

Prepare to traverse uncharted sonic landscapes with the new and more versatile voicing, a tapestry interwoven with pristine American cleans, the chiming embrace of British overdrive, and the exhilarating crunch of unadulterated hard rock, all ensconced within a single, harmonious package. The post-phase inverter master volume, painstakingly tuned to orchestrate your sonic narrative at any volume level, renders even the most delicate whispers as impactful as a roaring crescendo.

Marvel at the ultra-light cabinet, a masterpiece sculpted from imported Italian poplar, setting the stage for tonal purity. The introduction of the 1/2 Power Switch catapults the MAZ 38 NR Mk. II into a realm where it seamlessly transforms between the realms of the MAZ 38 NR and the MAZ 18 NR, a testament to its unparalleled adaptability.

Envision the Variable Boost footswitch, an artist's brush that grants you the power to paint the spectrum of soundscapes, from a gentle elevation in volume to an all-encompassing, soaring distortion that enchants the senses. Each component, meticulously integrated into the whole, births a symphony of tonal excellence that awaits your touch, your passion, and your unique expression.

Join the pantheon of musicians who have embraced the DR Z MAZ 38 NR Mk. II as their muse, their conduit to sonic transcendence. Embark on a journey that blurs the lines between imagination and reality, where the artistry of sound knows no limits. Elevate your musical narrative with the DR Z MAZ 38 NR Mk. II - not just an amplifier, but a gateway to unexplored auditory dimensions.