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Dr Z Z-28 Mk. II - Blackout | 30 Watt Head
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Dr. Z

Dr Z Z-28 Mk. II - Blackout | 30 Watt Head

All-Tube 30 Watt Amp - Hand-Wired In Ohio, USA

Introducing the DR Z Z-28 MK II, a revival of the iconic Z-28 amplifier infused with modern brilliance. Dr. Z's unwavering pursuit of perfection led to the incorporation of the MK II touch, marking a new era. Powered by the classic EF-86 preamp design, it delivers an unprecedented three-dimensional sonic experience, blending harmonics, dynamic response, and percussive power. With upgraded dual 5881 power tubes, the output reaches 30 watts, offering both American-esque clean tones and harmonically rich overdrive. The inclusion of the Mk. II-style Post-Phase Inverter Master Volume provides unprecedented control. This amplifier isn't just gear; it's an artistic statement, an homage to tradition, and a leap into the future of sound.

"A callback to my fan-favourite EF-86 preamp design, supped up and turbo-charged with a new power section, chassis, and cabinet." - Dr. Z

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Discover the all-new DR Z Z-28 MK II, a triumphant return of the revered Z-28 amplifier that has left Z-Fanatics in eager anticipation. Step into a world where legacy meets innovation, as Dr. Z, renowned for pushing boundaries, presents a revamped Z-28 experience for the modern age. In a bold departure from convention, the Z-28 MK II carries the torch of its iconic predecessor while bearing the distinctive mark of the MK II moniker, a label synonymous with brilliance as demonstrated by the celebrated MAZ amp line. This is not just another amplifier; it's a masterpiece born from Dr. Z's relentless pursuit of excellence.

At its core, the Z-28 Mk. II harnesses the timeless EF-86 preamp design - an embodiment of high voltage, high fidelity, and colossal headroom. Unlike the commonplace 12ax7 preamp configurations, the EF-86 breathes life into your guitar's voice, coursing it through the circuitry to create an immersive sonic panorama. This architecture delivers harmonics in abundance, immediate dynamic responsiveness, and an impactful percussive force. Engage the amp in a clean setting and witness a symphony of rich and clear tones cascading from the speaker. Seamlessly integrating a plethora of effects, from overdrive to modulation, the Z-28 Mk. II assimilates them into your playing, erasing the line between the amp and effects units. Dial the gain past noon, and you'll unlock a realm of overdrive enriched with even-order harmonics - a signature facet of the EF-86 design. It's akin to merging a clean amp's clarity with a distorted counterpart, endowing the overdriven output with a studio-grade presence, each string resonating with pristine clarity.

The evolution extends to the power section, now fortified with twin 5881 power tubes, surging the output power to a commanding 30 watts. Drawing on Dr. Z's mastery showcased in the Z-MASTER and NOVA, these power tubes conjure a spectrum of American-style clean tones reminiscent of the mid 60s. But that's not all - they metamorphose into a realm of harmonic richness akin to the vintage British amplifiers that defined an era of musical innovation. Gone are the quirks and artefacts associated with those classics; instead, you're left with a seamless sonic tapestry. Distinguishing itself from its forebear and those vintage models, the inclusion of the Mk. II-style Post-Phase Inverter Master Volume transmutes the Z-28 Mk. II into a versatile powerhouse. From the grand stage to the intimate studio, from spacious bedroom to focused practice space, volume control metamorphoses into an art form, a testament to the harmonious marriage of tradition and progress.

In essence, the DR Z Z-28 MK II isn't just a guitar amplifier; it's a vessel of inspiration, a conduit of innovation, and a masterpiece of sonic engineering. It embodies the spirit of its heritage while surging forward with the energy of the present. The Z-28 Mk. II beckons you to immerse yourself in its lush tonal landscapes, to explore its diverse sonic palette, and to relish in the power of a true sonic companion. Join the legacy, embrace the innovation, and experience the future of amplified sound.