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Dr Z Maz 18 Mk. II | 18-Watt Head
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Dr. Z

Dr Z Maz 18 Mk. II | 18-Watt Head

All-Tube 18 Watt Amp - Hand-Wired In Ohio, USA

Presenting the DR Z MAZ 18 MK II - a sonic marvel defying its "18 Watts" label, delivering astonishing definition and boundless headroom. From intimate clubs to expansive stages, it's your unwavering sonic companion. A haven for Strat, Tele, and humbucker players alike, it wields an unparalleled "Cut" knob for tonal mastery. Revel in post-phase inverter whisper volumes without compromise. Engage the boost footswitch for searing leads. Its NOS Russian Mil-Spec tubes ensure enduring power. Welcome to the symphony of the Maz 18 Mk.II - where tonal dreams become reality.

"A stunningly versatile amplifier that has become my most popular design to date." - Dr. Z

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Introducing the DR Z MAZ 18 MK II - a powerhouse of sonic excellence meticulously designed for uncompromising musicians and discerning tone seekers. At its core, the MAZ 18 was initially conceived as a "grab-and-go" studio and small club amplifier, but it has effortlessly ascended to grace some of the grandest stages across the nation. Diving beyond its modest "18 Watts" power label, the MAZ 18 defies expectations, delivering an astonishing level of definition and headroom that resonates even through the low E string, making it an ideal match for a single 12" speaker or the robust embrace of 2×10" speakers.

Step into the world of pure auditory ecstasy - a realm where the need for miking your amp in intimate venues becomes an afterthought. Feel the air ripple with electrifying energy as the MAZ 18 emanates its larger-than-life aura, unapologetically filling vast venues. Jazz guitarists, look no further. Whether you seek to replace a diminutive blackface amp or crave an amplifier with the intricate complexity fit for fusion, the MAZ 18 is your muse.

It's not just an amp; it's an artistic alliance. A haven for Stratocaster and Telecaster aficionados, the MAZ 18 welcomes the embrace of single-coil serenades, while humbuckers find their voice reverberating in harmonious unison. Crank up the volume, and the Hi input catapults you into hard rock nirvana, maintaining its integrity at any level. For those seeking mellower humbucker harmonics, the Lo input graciously obliges. Unlock the zenith of tonal manipulation with the enigmatic "Cut" knob - a dynamic tool that thrives after the EQ dance, offering an edge when cranked, or a vintage whisper when hushed. Versatility, thy name is "Cut."

The symphony doesn't end with power, it resonates through control. The master volume stands as a sentinel of tonal sanctity, post-phase inverter, allowing you to delve into velvety whispers without forsaking your tone's essence or gain's prowess - the ultimate cocoon for home-bound virtuosos. Engage the variable boost footswitch, a portal to a world of lead-driven crescendos, effectively transforming the MAZ 18 into a two-channel maestro.

The heart of the MAZ 18 beats with the strength of NOS Russian Mil-Spec 6n14n power tubes, engineered to outlast their EL84 counterparts. Over two decades, the MAZ 18 has etched its saga in the annals of Dr. Z's legacy. Listening to the harmonious cadence of player feedback, the past five years have been a melodic journey of circuitry enhancements, an orchestra of innovation.

Enveloped within the Maz 18 Mk.II is a symphony of enhancements:

  • A new, versatile voicing that coalesces pristine American cleans, chiming British overdrive, and succulent hard rock crunch within a single chalice.
  • A post-phase inverter master volume, a tuned marvel empowering you to sculpt your saga at every volume, even down to a reverent whisper.
  • An ethereal cabinet crafted from the embrace of Italian poplar, feather-light yet potent in its resonance.
  • A reimagined spring reverb, an infusion of subtle opulence and exuberant surf-inspired splendour.
  • A buffered effects loop, an invisible bridge to your pedalboard dreams, seamless and transparent.
  • A treasure of New Old Stock Russian mil-spec 6n14n (EL84) power tubes, a testament to endurance, outshining new productions.
  • An accompanying variable boost footswitch, a sorcerer's wand bestowing a gentle volume nudge or an unbridled distortion crescendo.

Welcome to the epoch of MAZ 18 MK II - where dreams harmonise with reality, and every note births a universe.