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Dr Z Z Wreck Jr. - Black - ZW Grill | 15 Watt Combo
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Dr. Z

Dr Z Z Wreck Jr. - Black - ZW Grill | 15 Watt Combo

All-Tube 15 Watt Amp - Hand-Wired In Ohio, USA

Discover the DR Z Z Wreck Jr, a legendary creation that melds a decade of craftsmanship by Dr. Z, the genius of Ken Fischer, and the artistry of Brad Paisley. From the iconic Z Wreck lineage, emerges the Z Wreck Jr., ingeniously equipped with a post-phase inverter master volume circuit, offering the Z Wreck's signature tonal finesse at any volume. Crafted with unyielding dedication, the Jr. mirrors the original's construction with precision, housing reissue Tung Sol preamp tubes, military-grade 6n14n power tubes, and a 5Y3 rectifier tube for unparalleled touch sensitivity. The Z Wreck Jr. is your gateway to sonic elegance and unbounded expressiveness. Loaded with a Celestion Greenback 12" speaker, heard on a myriad of classic recordings over the past half a century.

"The original Z Wreck design now at a more reasonable volume and a more reasonable price." - Dr. Z

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Step into a world of sonic marvel with the DR Z Z Wreck Jr - an amplification masterpiece that has not just made history but continues to shape the future of musical expression. A decade ago, the original Z Wreck amplifier was born, a result of an unparalleled collaborative effort between the visionary Dr. Z, the late maestro of amplifiers Ken Fischer from Trainwreck Amps, and the melodious country music icon Brad Paisley. Their harmonious fusion of ideas and aspirations birthed the Z Wreck, an embodiment of perfection tailored for the grandest stages. Over the years, this design has ascended to become the very essence of Dr. Z's legacy, a "halo product" that stands as a testament to the pursuit of excellence.

However, the journey didn't end there. While the Z Wreck earned accolades for its astounding volume, its unbridled power posed a challenge for musicians seeking controlled dynamism, especially in intimate venues or mellower performances. The quest to rein in this exuberance without compromising the core identity and the intricate harmonic richness of the original Z Wreck became Dr. Z's new mission, one that unfolded over an ardent year of relentless development.

Presenting the Z Wreck Jr., an answer to every conundrum. This half-powered sibling of the progenitor Z Wreck ingeniously integrates a post-phase inverter master volume circuit, a true blessing for recording studios, cosy clubs, and sacred worship spaces. The fabled realm between crystalline purity and blossoming overdrive, the very heart of Z Wreck's acclaim, is now finely tuned to respond to your fingers' every nuance, irrespective of volume. Whether you're roaring on a stage or seeking solace in your practice den, this master volume circuitry, akin to the revered design celebrated in our MK. II series of MAZ amps, JETTA, and NOVA, stands ready to transform your musical journey.

True to Dr. Z's commitment to meticulous craftsmanship, the Z Wreck Jr. is a testament to excellence, crafted with unwavering attention to detail and unfaltering reliability. It boasts the same steadfast turret board construction and robust aircraft-grade aluminium chassis that graced the original amp, ensuring its durability for generations. Rekindling the Trainwreck DNA, the Z Wreck Jr. embraces the same reissue Tung Sol preamp tubes and the venerable NOS military-grade 6n14n power tubes, paying homage to Ken Fischer's vision. And that's not all - a 5Y3 rectifier tube meticulously replicates the touch sensitivity and the enchanting bloom of the amp, echoing the plate voltages of the revered "comfort" setting in the first Z Wreck. Prepare for an addiction: an irresistible, soul-stirring playing experience.

Loaded with a Celestion Greenback 12" speaker, heard on a myriad of classic recordings over the past half a century.