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AmpRx BrownBox | 220-240V Input Valve Amp Voltage Attenuator
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AmpRx BrownBox | 220-240V Input Valve Amp Voltage Attenuator

Get The Performance That Your Amp Was Designed For

At Peach, we're thrilled to introduce you to AmpRx's groundbreaking BrownBox, the first dealer outside the US to do so. This game-changing device optimises your valve amplifier's performance by bringing down and adjusting inconsistent input voltage, resulting in truly enhanced tone and component longevity.

Voltage fluctuations impact your amp's sound, but the BrownBox ensures optimal voltage delivery, thanks to its proprietary transformer and voltage attenuation options. We've seen its impact first-hand in our studio - it transformed our amp's performance by rectifying voltage issues that we didn't know we had.

With an LCD screen and voltmeter, you'll always know your wall voltage. Experiment with voltages to fine-tune your tone, boosting harmonics, touch sensitivity, and amp life.

For vintage amp owners, the BrownBox recreates classic warm tones. In summary, it's your secret weapon for consistent, pure valve tone.

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Here at Peach, we're excited to be the first dealer outside of the US to introduce you to the revolutionary BrownBox by AmpRx. We're eager to share just how exceptional this product truly is and how it can transform your experience with your valve amplifier.

Whether you're enjoying a vintage classic or a modern marvel, the voltage from the wall plays a pivotal role in shaping your sound. But did you know that variations in voltage can significantly impact your tone, performance, and even the lifespan of your amp components?

That's where the BrownBox steps in, offering you the power to discover and supply the optimal input voltage for your setup, regardless of where you're playing or what voltage you're receiving from the wall, consistently unlocking your amp's potential. The BrownBox features a proprietary transformer and flexible voltage attenuation options that allow you to reduce and fine-tune your power input to perfection, resulting in a significantly enhanced amplifier performance.

Here's something we want to make absolutely clear this isn't just sales talk. We personally witnessed the massive difference the BrownBox made in our own studio. In fact, we were genuinely taken aback and no one in the room could believe how different the amp sounded before and after using the BrownBox.

Our director, John, a seasoned veteran in the world of valve amplifiers for over a decade, was thoroughly impressed. We'd noticed how the sound in our studio varied and the BrownBox provided the missing piece of the puzzle. It not only explained the inconsistencies but also resolved them, making a profound impact on our tone and overall experience.

One of our main demo amps was running at a voltage 9V higher than it was designed to. The BrownBox rectified this, returning our beloved amp to its intended performance level. This personal experience serves as a testament to the BrownBox's authenticity and effectiveness. It's not Snake Oil; it's a genuine tool that will help everyone get the best out of their valve amps.

With its easy-to-read LCD screen and onboard voltmeter, you'll always know the exact voltage you're receiving from the wall before plugging in your amp. Experiment with different voltages, and hear the difference in your tone.

Voltage optimisation establishes the foundation for your signal chain, delivering early power valve saturation and earlier break-up at usable volume levels. It also smooths tonal shifts toward even-order harmonics, revealing your amplifier's true intended tone. You'll experience enhanced harmonics, touch sensitivity, and a tone that truly blossoms.

Moreover, voltage optimisation extends the life of your components, protecting your amplifier investment by reducing internal voltages, which means lower dissipation and a longer lifespan.

For vintage amplifier owners, the BrownBox is your ticket to achieving that classic warm vintage tone that your amp is famed for. Vintage amps and components from the '60s and '70s were built to operate at lower voltages, and BrownBox helps you achieve era-correct levels for that authentic sound.

In summary, the BrownBox by AmpRx is your secret weapon for achieving consistent, pure valve tone.