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Dr Z Maz 18 NR Mk. II | 18-Watt Head
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Dr. Z

Dr Z Maz 18 NR Mk. II | 18-Watt Head

All-Tube 18 Watt Amp - Hand-Wired In Ohio, USA

Unleash the DR Z MAZ 18 NR MK II, a paradigm shift in sonic craftsmanship. Experience the absence of reverb as an amplification of raw power - a club amp tailor-made for rock and roots virtuosos, offering a vintage aura that resonates under your fingertips, conjuring clean chimes and raw vintage drives alike. The 18 NR dazzles with rich tones from single coils and British crunch from humbuckers, all fortified by NOS Russian Mil-Spec tubes and an ingenious post-phase inverter master volume. With a feather-light Italian poplar cabinet, buffered effects loop, and a variable boost footswitch, it's your ticket to sonic nirvana, encapsulating pristine cleans to soaring distortion in a single harmonious package. Loaded with a UK-made Celestion G12H30 for a full-bodied sound that adds ceramic attitude to the chime of an Alnico speaker.

"My personal favourite. The 18 NR is one of the best values in a hand-wired amp. Great clean and gain at an affordable price..." - Dr. Z

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Introducing the DR Z MAZ 18 NR MK II - a masterpiece of sonic versatility and vintage elegance. If you've ever wondered about the alchemy that occurs when reverb is whisked away from the revered MAZ 18, the answer is more than a mere absence; it's an amplification of the essence of musical power. Imagine this: a meticulously crafted amplifier that boasts an intricate interplay between components, all tailored to unravel new dimensions in your music. The MAZ 18 NR MK II transcends convention, redefining the amp game as you know it.

Unleashing a symphony of singing gain while defying compression, the MAZ 18 NR MK II emerges as the quintessential club amp for the aficionados of rock and the guardians of roots music. It's a stage where raw, unadulterated sound takes centre stage, reverberating with the soulful echoes of old-school charisma. With each strum, each touch, the MAZ 18 NR MK II bursts into life, an extension of your very being.

Equipped with an inherent duality, the MAZ 18 NR MK II navigates the realms of tone with unprecedented finesse. Crystalline cleans cascade from its heart, the chimey resonance a testament to its lineage. But tread lightly on the pedal of exploration, and you'll plunge into the depths of vintage-driven reverie. Single coils bloom into a rich tapestry of sound, while humbuckers yield a tantalising British crunch. Partnered seamlessly with the Z Best cab, this marvel graces even the grandest of stages, an epitome of gig-to-studio brilliance.

Traverse the frontier of sonic manipulation with the MAZ 18 NR MK II's front panel, adorned with the controls that define excellence: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master, and the dynamic Cut control. Revel in the symphony of options as the Cut unveils itself as a tone artisan for the output tubes. And the back panel? A treasure trove of connectivity - 4, 8, and 16-ohm speaker outs stand ready, alongside an effects loop and the revered EQ bypass function. Engage this, and witness the birth of a lead boost, an augmentation that metamorphoses the 18 NR into a formidable two-channel maestro.

Delve deeper, and you'll uncover the very lifeblood that empowers this titan. The pulsating heart of the MAZ 18 NR MK II resides in a pair of NOS Russian Mil-Spec 6n14n power tubes, abetted by the symphonic dance of three 12AX7s in the front end, all synchronised by the steady rhythm of a 5AR4 rectifier. Enveloped in 18 watts of sonic prowess, you command a synthesis of front-end grind and output tube sustain that's nothing short of magic.

For over two decades, the MAZ series has stood as the pinnacle of Dr. Z's sonic expedition. A culmination of years of player communion, the MAZ 18 NR MK II is a testament to evolution itself. Witness the crescendo of improvements woven into its fabric over the last five years: an innovative voicing that paints the canvas of pristine American cleans, chiming British overdrive, and indulgent hard rock crunch within a single chassis. The post-phase inverter master volume stands as a guardian of tone, allowing you to sculpt your masterpiece at any volume, even a whisper's caress. The cabinet, a paragon of engineering, hails from the rare Italian poplar, its feather-light construction resonating with the promises of exquisite sound.

Inclusion of a buffered effects loop augments your creative arsenal, seamlessly fusing your pedalboard's genius with the MAZ 18 NR MK II's essence. And at its core, power emanates from New Old Stock Russian mil-spec 6n14n (EL84) power tubes, pledging a longevity twice that of contemporary EL84s. As a final flourish, a variable boost footswitch is your ally, a gateway to a sonic spectrum spanning from subtle volume increments to a crescendo of resounding distortion.