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DR Z Amplification X-Ray Head
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DR Z Amplification X-Ray Head

A Tribute to the Brad Paisley Stang Ray & DB4 Rig - Post-Phase Inverter Master Volume - Half-Power Mode

The X-RAY is a tribute to two revered Legacy amps, the Stang Ray and the DB4, favoured by country legend Brad Paisley. Dr. Z's meticulous design integrates the best features of both amps, offering chiming clean tones reminiscent of the Stang Ray alongside the mid-forward saturation characteristic of the DB4. With a post-phase inverter master volume and a front-panel half-power switch, the X-RAY delivers flexibility for modern players while accommodating volume preferences. Crafted with premium components and meticulous attention to detail, this amp embodies both legacy and innovation, promising timeless tone and versatility for musicians.

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The X-RAY represents a long-awaited tribute to two iconic Legacy amps that had been discontinued for many years. Born from the essence of country legend Brad Paisley's favoured amps of the 2000s and 2010s - the Stang Ray and the DB4 - which still hold a prominent place in his live setup today, this new creation amalgamates the best features of both. Over time, these amps underwent several tweaks and design updates, all of which are incorporated into this latest incarnation.

Fuelled by Dr. Z's preferred NOS 6n14n power valves, the X-RAY faithfully reproduces the crisp, chiming clean tones of the original Stang Ray, evoking a British Invasion-inspired jangle reminiscent of the Fab Four's heyday. Cranking the knob unleashes a wave of mid-forward saturation, courtesy of the 5879 pentode preamp valve, a signature feature first introduced in the DB4. The aim was to marry the chewy overdrive of the DB4 with the snap and sparkle of the Stang Ray, and with the X-RAY, this goal is achieved, offering a flexibility that caters to modern players.

Unlike its predecessors, which lacked a master volume, the X-RAY boasts a post-phase inverter master volume, allowing for greater control over its 30 Z-watts output, pleasing sound engineers and anyone with volume-sensitive neighbours. Additionally, a front-panel half-power switch adjusts the power amp's compression and dynamics, delivering a smoother, silkier feel at 15 watts. Furthermore, a valve-driven FX loop preserves the amp's signature voicing through external effects without sacrificing clarity or tone.

Available in head and 1×12 combo configurations, the X-RAY features a visually striking quantum silver front valance in the combo version, housing a WGS Retro 30 speaker personally selected by Dr. Z for its exceptional performance. Crafted with Dr. Z's signature attention to detail, the X-RAY boasts a custom welded, aircraft-grade aluminium chassis, premium components, and Heyboer Transformers at its core, all meticulously assembled in-house by seasoned technicians in Cleveland, OH.

In essence, the X-RAY embodies the legacy of its predecessors while embracing modern innovations, ensuring its place as a beloved tool for musicians seeking timeless tone and versatility.