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Dr Z Z-Plus - Black - Tan Grill | 15/7 Watt Studio Combo
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Dr. Z

Dr Z Z-Plus - Black - Tan Grill | 15/7 Watt Studio Combo

All-Tube 15 Watt Amp - Hand-Wired In Ohio, USA

Introducing the DR Z Z-PLUS, a testament to the fusion of iconic rock heritage and groundbreaking innovation. Conceived through the collaboration of Dr. Z and Joe Walsh, this amplifier redefines tonal purity with its parallel single-ended Class A configuration, crafting pristine clean tones that seamlessly cascade into harmonically rich distortions. Its unique design harnesses even-order harmonics for unparalleled warmth and clarity. With dual 6V6 power tubes in parallel and an optional half-power mode, the Z-PLUS offers unparalleled headroom and vintage charm. From its comprehensive EQ ensemble to a dynamic variable boost footswitch, every facet is meticulously crafted. Elevate your sound to new dimensions with the Z-PLUS - where tradition meets innovation in perfect harmony. Loaded with a ceramic Z12 Eminence-designed speaker.

"Being a true class A design... it has that inherent quality of adding a layer of second-order harmonics to the sound, and you can hear it in the complexity and dimension this amp delivers." - Guitar Player Magazine

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Introducing the DR Z Z-PLUS - The Pinnacle of Amplification Innovation!

Imagine the legendary rock anthems of the Eagles resonating through a sound that's not just iconic, but revolutionary. The Z-PLUS, a brainchild of the unparalleled synergy between the visionary Dr. Z and the guitar virtuoso Joe Walsh, stands as a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge innovation and timeless musicality.

Joe Walsh's quest for a new amp for the Eagles' tour opened the doors to a realm where history and future converged. Drawing inspiration from his groundbreaking days with the James Gang, where he wielded small yet potent single-ended Tweed combos, Walsh's creative spark ignited a collaboration with Dr. Z that ventured far beyond mere nostalgia. Thus, the Z-PLUS was born - an amplifier that resonates with the DNA of classic rock yet surges forward with pioneering brilliance.

The Z-PLUS emerges as a parallel, single-ended amplifier in an unadulterated Class A configuration, unleashing a pristine clean tone that metamorphoses into a cascade of gritty, harmonically rich distortions. Its single-ended, Class A operation breathes life into full even-order harmonics, an auditory luxury often overshadowed by the complexities of push-pull, Class A/B tube amp designs. The outcome? A transcendent tonal symphony resonating with the splendour of 2nd and 4th order harmonics, evoking the warmth and clarity akin to a masterfully crafted full-bodied acoustic guitar.

Traditionally, Class A designs were constrained by their inherent limitations in clean headroom. Not the Z-PLUS. The ingenious integration of dual 6V6 power tubes in parallel, a nod to Joe Walsh's discerning requisites, propels its clean headroom to unprecedented heights, ensuring your sound remains crystalline even at elevated volumes.

For the ultimate tonal odyssey, the Z-PLUS seamlessly incorporates a half-power switch. Engage it, and watch as one of the 6V6 power tubes gracefully bows out, gifting you not just touch-responsive drive and dynamic compression, but also a lowered headroom that oozes vintage charm.

Beyond its sonic marvels, the Z-PLUS encapsulates the hallmarks of Dr. Z's craftsmanship. Enveloped in its entrancing aura is a comprehensive EQ ensemble comprising master volume and cut, complemented by hi and lo sensitivity inputs. An integrated effects loop beckons the avid pedal enthusiast, while a meticulously woven reverb circuit adds a lush dimension to your soundscapes. And let's not forget the dynamic variable boost footswitch, a secret weapon empowering you to carve your sonic trajectory with finesse and authority.

Constructed to surpass expectations, the Z-PLUS boasts an output transformer meticulously designed with premium M-6 stacked laminates. Housed within a custom all-aluminium chassis, this sonic juggernaut stands as a paragon of resilience, built to meet UL-60065 specifications.

Unveil a universe of sonic possibilities with the Z-PLUS. A symphony of power, innovation, and artistic finesse awaits at your fingertips. Elevate your music - experience the Z-PLUS today!

Loaded with a ceramic Z12 Eminence-designed speaker.