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Dr Z Maz 18 Mk. II - Black | 18 Watt Head *Used*
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Dr. Z

Dr Z Maz 18 Mk. II - Black | 18 Watt Head *Used*

Mint Condition - 18 Watt - Russian Mil-Spec EL84 Power Tubes

Introducing the Dr. Z Maz 18 Junior Head MK II a groundbreaking 18-watt amp with astonishing definition and headroom. Originally designed for studio and small club use, it has conquered grand stages with ease. Whether you're a Strat, Tele, or humbucker player, this amp will astound you with its versatility. The "Cut" knob provides endless tone-shaping options, while the post-phase inverter master volume allows you to achieve whisper-quiet volumes without sacrificing tone. With its improved reverb, ultra-light cabinet, and buffered effects loop, the MAZ 18 Mk.II is a true powerhouse. Equipped with Russian mil-spec 6n14n (EL84) power tubes, it promises unmatched longevity. Prepare for an all-encompassing sonic experience that covers everything from pristine cleans to searing crunch. Embrace the Dr. Z Maz 18 Mk II and elevate your performance to extraordinary levels.

Please Note: This amp is Pre-Owned but in an immaculate Mint condition with only the footswitch missing. Book an appointment to try it yourself in-store or enjoy free next day UK delivery to have it in your guitar set-up in no time!

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Introducing the Dr. Z Maz 18 Junior Head MK II, a true masterpiece that has redefined the boundaries of what an 18-watt amp can deliver. Originally designed to be a convenient "grab-and-go" studio and small club amp, the MAZ 18 has transcended expectations and found its way to the grandest stages across the country. But don't let its 18 watts deceive you; this amp is far from weak and flabby. Prepare to be amazed by the sheer definition and headroom it offers, effortlessly reaching all the way down to the low E string. Whether you choose to pair it with a single 12" speaker or two 10" speakers, the MAZ 18 wields plenty of power to fill any small club without the need for miking. And when you're faced with a larger venue, simply mic up the MAZ 18, and let its colossal tone and soulful expression captivate the audience.

Jazz guitarists, this amp is a dream come true! The MAZ 18 is the perfect match, whether you seek to replace a small blackface amp or desire an amplifier with enough complexity to explore the realms of fusion. Its versatility knows no bounds. It resonates with every Strat or Tele player, but that's not all - humbuckers feel right at home with the MAZ 18 too. You'll experience breathtaking hard rock drive at any volume using the Hi input, while the Lo input accommodates cleaner humbucker sounds, rendering pristine tones for any musical genre.

At the heart of the MAZ 18's tone-shaping prowess is the unparalleled "Cut" knob - a true gem in the world of guitar amps. Fine-tune your sound to perfection after setting the EQ just right. Crank it up for a thrilling edge that will electrify your playing or dial it down for a vintage vibe that oozes nostalgia. Embrace a myriad of sounds catering to every style, ensuring that players of all backgrounds and musical preferences find satisfaction in the MAZ 18.

Crafted for both performance and practicality, the MAZ 18 boasts a post-phase inverter master volume that grants you the luxury of achieving whisper-quiet volumes without compromising on tone or gain, making it an ideal companion for intimate home practice sessions. Uniting this powerhouse is a duo of  Russian Mil-Spec 6n14n (EL84) power tubes, guaranteeing unmatched durability and longevity, far surpassing that of standard EL84 variants.

After two decades of consistent popularity, Dr. Z has honed the MAZ 18 even further. Diligently considering invaluable player feedback, they have spent the past five years refining every facet of the circuit. The result? The Maz 18 Mk.II - an extraordinary amplifier that takes versatility to new heights. Prepare to revel in pristine American cleans, chiming British overdrive, and juicy hard rock crunch all wrapped into one magnificent package. The specifically tuned post-phase inverter master volume allows you to attain your ideal tone, regardless of volume level, even down to the softest whispers.

Crafted with premium quality, the ultra-light cabinet utilises imported Italian poplar, ensuring that the sound remains unadulterated and untamed. Delight in the improved spring reverb, which imparts subtle richness or exhilarating surf tones, all at your fingertips. Seamless integration with your pedalboard is made possible through the inclusion of a buffered effects loop, guaranteeing a transparent and seamless effect signal chain.

Get ready to revolutionise your sound and elevate your performance to new heights with the Dr. Z Maz 18 Junior Head MK II. From the studio to the stage, from intimate clubs to expansive venues, this amp embodies the essence of excellence, versatility, and enduring tone. Take the leap and embrace the MAZ 18 Mk.II - the embodiment of amplification brilliance.

Please Note: This amp is Pre-Owned but in an immaculate Mint condition with only the footswitch missing. Book an appointment to try it yourself in-store or enjoy free next day UK delivery to have it in your guitar set-up in no time!