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Part Exchange

Here at Peach we deal with some very lovely high end gear, and we appreciate that sometime then only way to justify another quality instrument is to part with one that’s run its course or you’re simply not playing anymore. Sometimes it’s as simply a matter of not having any more wall hangers or floor space to fill up. We can take in instruments and amps back from you and you can use the agreed amount against a new purchase.

So how does it work?

Start by getting in touch to see if a deal can be reached, either give the shop a call, or contact us at

If you let us know what you’d like to buy, what you have to trade in, along with an accurate description and condition of the used gear, and if possible a photo or two.

From there we’ll get our pencil out and figure out what we could do for you, if you choose to go ahead as soon as we receive the part exchange in and confirm its authenticity and condition we’ll ship the new item out to you right away.

We reserve the right to adjust our estimates if an item comes into us not as described.

We do have a few simple rules and statement about how the process works:

Generally speaking we operate a one in one out policy, except on exceptionally expensive pieces, so you can’t trade 4 cheap acoustics in against one nice Strat.

The price we quote you on takes the second hand value of the item and works backwards to offer a buy in that allow us to sell the item on a profit, if you want the full second hand value, then you’ll need to sell you gear privately.

There always has to be a balance to pay in our direction, so you can’t trade in something really expensive against something cheap.

You are responsible for shipping in any part exchange items to us, or dropping them to us in person.

Before estimating the value of an item, we’ll need to get an accurate description of the condition of the guitar. Obviously we’ll be able to offer more for a guitar in an unplayed condition than one with scratches and buckle rash.

In the situation where you decide to return an item with a part exchange on it, it’s your decision to leave the part exchange value as credit to use, or pay to have the shipping costs covered to undo the deal and return the item to you. If a part exchange guitar that’s come into us has been already sold, then store credit will be the only option offered.

Part exchanges deals will generally not be able to be subject to finance deals.

We will accept Electric guitars, Bass guitars, Acoustic guitars and amplifiers. We do not take used pedals, straps or accessories.

Ready to begin your part exchange?