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Two-Rock Traditional Clean 100/50 Watt Head
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Two-Rock Amplifiers

Two-Rock Traditional Clean 100/50 Watt Head

Big, Beautiful, Clean Pedal Platform - Perfect John Mayer Tones - Half-Power - Valve Driven Spring Reverb

Experience legendary John Mayer-esque tones with Two-Rock Amplifiers' Traditional Clean. Immerse yourself in its big, beautiful, clean tones, enhanced by valve-driven analog reverb. Meticulously designed controls allow you to sculpt your tone with precision, while its versatile features ensure compatibility with any setup.

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The Traditional Clean fills the void of a simple, huge, and clean pedal platform that you can just plug your guitar into and enjoy. Its circuitry, refined through years of expertise, delivers a tone that is unmistakably Two-Rock - big, beautiful, and clean.

John Mayer's quest for sonic perfection led him to discover Two-Rock's amplifiers, and he quickly became enamoured with their exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled tone. In particular, Mayer has expressed a fondness for the clean tones produced by Two-Rock amps, which perfectly complement his melodic playing style and emotive performances.

The Traditional Clean, with its emphasis on pristine, sparkling cleans and versatile tone-shaping capabilities, aligns perfectly with Mayer's musical preferences. Its ability to deliver a rich, dynamic clean tone, coupled with lush analog reverb, makes it an ideal choice for recreating Mayer's iconic soundscapes.

Featuring a 100w/50w configuration with 4x6L6 valves and half-power scaling, the Traditional Clean offers versatility without compromise. Choose your preferred speaker output among 4ohm, 8ohm, or 16ohm, ensuring compatibility with your setup.

What truly sets The Traditional Clean apart are its meticulously designed controls, each crafted to sculpt your tone with precision:

  • BRIGHT Switch: Boosts high-frequency response, adding sparkle to clean tones.
  • TREBLE: Adjusts high-frequency response, from warm and smooth to bright and aggressive.
  • MID Switch and MIDDLE: Boosts midrange frequency response and adjusts midrange frequencies critical for tonality and cut-through in live situations.
  • DEEP Switch and BASS: Boosts lower bass frequencies, smoothing and clarifying midrange response, while adjusting bass response from cutting lows to full-bodied warmth.
  • GAIN: Controls overall gain, from clean to overdriven, shaping the initial character of your tone.
  • MASTER: Adjusts overall output level, enhancing sustain, fullness, and dynamics.
  • REVERB SEND and RETURN: Control the reverb effect signal, creating a wide range of natural reverb effects.
  • PRESENCE: Adjusts high-frequency contour, adding sparkle and brightness or smoothing out your overall tone.

The chassis, adorned in a stunning gunmetal metallic finish and black bronco tolex with sparkle matrix grill cloth, exudes sophistication and style, making a statement on any stage.

With the Traditional Clean, the possibilities are endless. Immerse yourself in the lush, all-valve analog reverb, explore the depths of your pedalboard, and unleash your creativity like never before. Join the ranks of legendary artists who swear by Two-Rock Amplifiers and experience the magic of The Traditional Clean today.