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Strymon Brig | dBucket Delay
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Strymon Brig | dBucket Delay

3 Distinct Bucket Brigade Voicings Based On Classc Circuit Configs - True Stereo Delays

Introducing the Strymon Brig, the certified organic echo that transcends conventional delays. With three addictive delay voicings, seamless tap tempo, mesmerising modulation, and genuine analog warmth, the Brig is the ultimate sonic companion. Crafted for flexibility and packed with premium features, it offers a remarkable playing experience and full MIDI control. Explore new sonic dimensions with the Brig's captivating complexity and unleash your creativity with its addictive tonal characteristics. Elevate your music with a pedal that combines analog soul, digital innovation, and endless inspiration. The Strymon Brig: Your gateway to uncharted sonic territories.

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Introducing the Strymon Brig, a certified organic echo pedal that defies the boundaries of conventional delays. With its captivating complexity and rich tonal characteristics, the Brig takes delay repeats to new heights, evoking unparalleled emotions and inspiring creativity. Offering three distinct delay voicings in a mesmerising stereo pedal, it delivers the warmth, gritty charm, and tactile playing experience of analog bucket brigade delays (BBDs).

Immerse yourself in the world of sonic bliss with Brig's meticulously crafted delay voicings. The 3205 voice provides gritty repeats that morph as they feed back, ranging from gorgeous slapback echoes to mind-bending sci-fi effects. The 3005 voice recreates the dual MN3005 BBD chip circuit, offering longer delay times and dreamlike repeats with a soft, ethereal quality. The Multi voice features dual cross-coupled dBucket delay lines, creating complex soundscapes and an expansive stereo soundfield that remains clean even on the edge of self-oscillation.

Despite its compact design, the Brig packs a punch with its power and flexibility. Enjoy artifact-free tap tempo, responsive controls, and expression pedal compatibility. The high-impedance, ultra-low noise discrete Class A JFET stereo input preamp ensures exceptional touch sensitivity and dynamics. MIDI control allows you to manage tempo, patch save/recall, and more. Built with premium components and rugged construction, the Brig is road-worthy and even offers a USB jack for MIDI control and firmware updates.

Experience the wonders of modern technology with artifact-free tap tempo, allowing you to confidently tap your desired tempos without pitch shifting, clicks, ramps, or muting. Brig's modulation is meticulously voiced for each delay type, creating lush effects at any delay time or modulation speed. Whether using the Multi delay voice for an expansive stereo field or exploring chorus effects with the 3205 voice at its minimum delay time, the Brig's modulation capabilities are sure to inspire.

Delve into the realm of instantly recognisable and sought-after feedback effects that characterised classic bucket brigade delays. Brig faithfully reproduces these iconic sounds, inviting you to crank up the repeats, twist the Time knob, adjust the filter, and explore vintage sci-fi psychedelia. Each delay voicing has distinct feedback characteristics, allowing you to tailor the response to your desired sound.

The subtle noise inherent in bucket brigade analog delay repeats adds a dreamlike quality to the Brig's sound. Embrace this ambience or easily dial out the noise by adjusting the filter knob. With full MIDI implementation, you can control every aspect of the Brig remotely, synchronise delay time with MIDI Clock Sync, and access 300 MIDI preset locations to save your favourite settings.

The Brig is not only a sonic marvel but also boasts premium hardware. Its ultra-low-noise discrete analog JFET input circuit ensures superb responsiveness, while the rear panel switch provides flexibility for mono or stereo configurations. Powered by an ARM DSP chip, the Brig offers exceptional sonic nuance while drawing minimal power from your pedalboard supply.

Discover the true essence of certified organic echo with the Strymon Brig. With its addictive tonal characteristics, seamless control, and endless inspiration, it takes your music to uncharted territories. Immerse yourself in its captivating complexity, elevate your sound with analog warmth, and unleash your creativity like never before. The Brig is your gateway to sonic exploration and an indispensable companion for every musician.