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KMA Cirrus Shadow | Delay/Reverb - Limited Edition
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KMA Machines

KMA Cirrus Shadow | Delay/Reverb - Limited Edition

Exclusive to Peach in the UK - An Otherworldly Combination of Delay & Reverb w/Captivating Monochrome Aesthetics

Introducing the limited edition Cirrus Shadow, a release exclusive to Peach Guitars in the UK. This extraordinary pedal takes the popular KMA Machines Cirrus to new heights with its captivating monochrome aesthetics. Building upon the success of the previous limited edition Cirrus Ice, the Cirrus Shadow is set to sell out quickly and become a highly sought-after item. With its versatile Delay and Reverb sections, three dynamic modes, creative footswitches, and additional control options, this pedal offers an unparalleled sonic experience. Prepare to explore otherworldly tones and embark on a mesmerising musical journey.

Limited to just 150 units worldwide, the Cirrus Shadow - Spatial Temporal Modifier is presented in a captivating dark and moody colour scheme. Don't miss this opportunity to add a visually stunning and sonically mesmerising pedal to your collection.

 In Stock
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Introducing the limited edition version of the highly sought-after KMA Machines Cirrus, exclusively available at Peach Guitars in the UK. The Cirrus Shadow takes all the incredible features of the original Cirrus and adds a striking monochrome aesthetic that is sure to captivate musicians and collectors alike. With a previous limited edition version, the Cirrus Ice, selling out rapidly, the Cirrus Shadow is bound to generate significant interest and quickly become a must-have item for guitar enthusiasts.

The Cirrus Shadow is a pedal that combines a Delay side and a Reverb side, offering a plethora of sonic possibilities to explore. Each side features essential controls such as Time, Repeats, Decay, Damp, and a dedicated mix control. However, what sets the Cirrus Shadow apart is its ability to transport you to new dimensions through its unique Spatial-Temporal Modifier, which includes three distinct Delay and Reverb modes, all influenced by your picking attack. Prepare to unleash sounds that defy the boundaries of this world.

In the Delay section, the Modulated Delay Mode (MOD) introduces a dynamic tape echo-inspired modulation, capable of producing anything from subtle sways to mind-bending pitch-bends. The Sample & Hold Mode (S/H) adds a sequencer-like filter to the Delay line, perfect for crafting synthy textures. Depending on your playing style, you can evoke subtle filter actions by playing softly or dive into pronounced electro-vibes by attacking the strings more aggressively. The third Delay Mode (OCT) blends in a high octave as your notes decay, creating shimmering dimensions that sparkle like stars in a cloudy night sky.

Moving on to the Reverb section, the Modulated Reverb Mode (MOD) envelops your trails with silky smooth movement. Alternatively, you can engage the Low-pass Filter (LP) Mode or the High-pass Filter (HP) Mode to shape your reverberations. Strumming harder will cause the Low-pass to open up, allowing shimmering highs to flood your sound, as if you are conjuring distant galaxies through your playing. On the other hand, the High-pass will cut lower frequencies when played with more intensity, resulting in intriguing lo-fi textures. The Cirrus Shadow ensures that your sonic journey knows no bounds.

Harnessing the power of creative pedal order, the Cirrus Shadow offers an Order Toggle, allowing you to run the Delay into the Reverb or vice versa. Whichever direction you choose, a world of inspired soundscapes awaits your exploration. Additionally, a Toggle Switch enables you to set the Delay Tap subdivision, enabling you to effortlessly generate rhythmic patterns that suit your musical vision. Toggles are simply awesome!

The footswitches on the Cirrus Shadow are not just functional but also brimming with creativity. On the left, you'll find the Tap-Tempo Switch, providing precise control over your delay timing. On the right, the indispensable Bypass Switch grants you the ability to engage or disengage the effect. However, KMA have infused these humble stompers with additional secrets. When the pedal is off, holding down the Bypass Switch momentarily allows for sudden bursts of ambience. When the pedal is on, holding down the same switch maximises the Decay, plunging you into a realm of infinite reverb wonderland. Similarly, holding down the Tap-Tempo Switch unleashes infinite repeats, engulfing your sound in an endless cascade of echoes. If you dare, hold down BOTH switches simultaneously and transcend into an ethereal dream state with an unbroken stream of cascading sound.

To further enhance the versatility and hands-free control of the Cirrus Shadow, it is equipped with an Expression Pedal input (standard TRS connection) and a Selector Switch, allowing you to effortlessly manipulate key parameters of the pedal. Moreover, an internal switch lets you toggle the Reverb and Delay trails on or off to suit your taste. The individual Reverb and Delay mix controls offer precise control over your sound, enabling you to tailor it exactly as you desire.

Completing the tonal puzzle, the Cirrus Shadow boasts a Serial FX-Loop, allowing you to incorporate other pedals into the Delay/Reverb line, further shaping and refining your signature sound. With the Cirrus Shadow in your arsenal, the possibilities for sonic exploration are limitless.

So, dive into the atmospheric high clouds and engage the Cirrus Shadow. However, be warned that its stunning beauty may captivate you for hours on end. Lose yourself in its mesmerising soundscapes and embark on a sonic journey like no other.

Limited to just 150 units worldwide, the Cirrus Shadow - Spatial Temporal Modifier is presented in a captivating dark and moody colour scheme. Don't miss this opportunity to add a visually stunning and sonically mesmerising pedal to your collection.