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Yamaha THR Amplifiers | THR30II Wireless - Cream
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Yamaha THR Amplifiers | THR30II Wireless - Cream

Experience the Yamaha THR30II Wireless: Unmatched Home Practice with Hi-Fi Sound and Wireless Freedom

The Yamaha THR30II Wireless, available at Peach Guitars, revolutionises home practice with its unique design tailored for home use. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in rechargeable battery, and an integrated Line 6 wireless receiver, it offers seamless wireless play when paired with a Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter (sold separately). Available in black, white, and classic cream finishes, the THR30II Wireless combines Yamaha's Virtual Circuitry Modelling (VCM) technology for authentic amp tones with hi-fi stereo sound developed in collaboration with Yamaha's AV division. The "THR Remote" mobile app allows easy remote control and customisation, making this amp a versatile and stylish choice for guitarists.

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For guitarists familiar with the power of valve amp stacks on a big stage or the practicality of combo amps in smaller venues, the Yamaha THR series introduces a new concept. Breaking away from the traditional idea that practice amps should simply be smaller versions of larger models, Yamaha created a "third amp" category specifically designed for home use.

Every THR-II model, including the THR30II Wireless, comes equipped with Bluetooth for audio playback and the "THR Remote" mobile editor app, which also supports third-party footswitches. This allows for easy control of the amp and customisation of your sound wirelessly.

The THR30II Wireless model stands out with its built-in rechargeable battery and integrated Line 6 wireless receiver. Pair it with a Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter (sold separately), and you're ready to play anywhere, anytime, without being tethered by cables. The THR30II Wireless is now available in sleek black and white finishes in addition to the classic cream, offering a stylish fit for any setting while maintaining the same impressive performance specifications as the original.

Bluetooth functionality enables seamless audio playback and remote control via a mobile app, letting you access and tweak your presets without the need for manual adjustments or cables. This convenience extends to third-party controllers (sold separately), enhancing the versatility of the THR series.

The THR30II Wireless includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing up to five hours of play time, perfect for on-the-go use. An AC adaptor is also included for extended playing sessions. At the heart of these amps is Yamaha's Virtual Circuitry Modelling (VCM) technology, which replicates the intricate details of boutique valve amplifiers by simulating each circuit down to the component level. This ensures an authentic sound and feel reminiscent of high-end amps.

The THR30II Wireless offers three banks of five guitar amp models, covering a range from clean tones to high-gain distortion, along with dedicated models for bass, electric-acoustic, and flat voicings. Dual circuits provide eight natural effects, including modulation, delay, and reverb, enhancing your tonal options. A compressor and noise gate are also available via the THR Remote editor software.

Developed in collaboration with Yamaha's acclaimed AV division, the THR amps deliver true hi-fi stereo sound through specially-designed speaker enclosures. This unique design accommodates both guitar tones and audio playback, making the THR series ideal for practice and casual listening alike. Yamaha's Extended Stereo Technology ensures a wide, immersive audio experience, with studio-quality reverb and stereo tracks adding depth and richness to your sound.

Experience the Yamaha THR30II Wireless at Peach Guitars and discover how this innovative amp can transform your home playing experience.