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Xotic XW-2 Wah Pedal - Limited Edition | Candy Apple Red
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Xotic XW-2 Wah Pedal - Limited Edition | Candy Apple Red

Limited To Only 1000 Pieces

The Xotic XW-2 is a high-quality wah pedal designed for musicians who prioritize exceptional tone with minimal controls. It features a precisely calibrated wah tone and EQ for achieving the perfect sound easily, along with a custom-wound inductor, potentiometer, and circuit that deliver both vintage and evolved wah tones. Key benefits include a relay-based true bypass switch, adjustable rocker tension, and a self-lubricating nylon bushing pivot for smooth operation. The pedal's gold contact relay ensures transparent true bypassing with ultra-reliable switching, while its 20% smaller footprint saves space on your pedalboard. Additionally, the fuzz-friendly buffering circuit maintains great sound quality with fuzz pedals. The limited edition Candy Apple Red version, restricted to 1000 pieces, adds a distinctive touch to any setup.

 Out Of Stock
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The Xotic XW-2 is a meticulously crafted wah pedal designed for musicians seeking top-notch tone with minimal controls. Its wah tone and EQ are precisely calibrated, providing an easy way to achieve the perfect wah sound. With straightforward plug-and-play functionality, this pedal enhances your creative potential effortlessly. It features a custom-wound inductor, potentiometer, and circuit that not only capture the vintage essence of the Clyde McCoy but also introduce an evolved tone that surpasses traditional wah pedals.

The XW-2 offers unique benefits, including a relay-based true bypass switch and adjustable rocker tension, allowing users to customise their pedal action. Based on the legendary 1967-1968 Italian-built Clyde McCoy Wahs, this pedal delivers unlimited sound possibilities with its innovative controls that shape and contour your tone precisely as you envision.

Additional features include a self-lubricating nylon bushing pivot for smooth and quiet operation, ensuring reliable performance. The gold contact relay true bypassing provides transparent tone and ultra-reliable switching with a lifespan of over one million cycles. Its 20% smaller footprint compared to conventional wah pedals saves valuable space on your pedalboard.

Moreover, the XW-2 includes a fuzz-friendly buffering circuit, ensuring compatibility and excellent sound quality with your favourite fuzz pedals. This limited edition Candy Apple Red version is restricted to only 1000 pieces, adding a distinctive look to your setup.