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Vigier Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo - Mysterious Green
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Vigier Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo - Mysterious Green

Handbuilt Near Paris In France - Hybrid Maple/Carbon Neck - Teflon Nut w/Zero Fret

Introducing the Vigier Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo - a pinnacle of innovation and craftsmanship. Meticulously designed and handcrafted in France, it embodies Vigier's unwavering commitment to excellence. With a revolutionary neck construction, flawless fretboard, resonant body, and meticulously engineered hardware, this instrument delivers unrivalled playability and tone. Equipped with DiMarzio pickups, it offers plenty of versatile sonic possibilities. Experience the Vigier difference and unlock your musical potential with the Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo.

£2,812.99 or
VIG-220051 - 6lb 15oz
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Introducing the Vigier Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo, a masterpiece born out of relentless dedication to innovation and the pursuit of perfection. Since its inception, Vigier has ceaselessly sought out and crafted groundbreaking technological solutions to the myriad challenges faced by musicians. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is driven by the belief that technology should serve as a means to an end, enabling artists to channel their creative energies unimpeded. With Vigier, flaws are banished, and musicians are liberated to fully immerse themselves in the art of making music.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, every Vigier guitar and bass emanates from their state-of-the-art factory nestled near the artistic heart of Paris, France. It is here that a harmonious fusion of expertise, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge techniques takes place, resulting in instruments of unparalleled quality and precision.

The Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo boasts a neck that exemplifies Vigier's unyielding commitment to innovation. Its bolt-on construction features the revolutionary 10/90 System, combining 10% carbon with 90% naturally dried maple. This ingenious fusion ensures remarkable stability, enhanced resonance, and unparalleled playability. The neck's ergonomic D shape offers sublime comfort, allowing effortless navigation across the fretboard. Finished with a matte varnish, the neck exudes a tactile elegance that invites your fingertips to explore uncharted sonic territories. The Teflon nut and hardened zero fret technology further enhance the instrument's intonation and sustain, providing a playing experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Speaking of the fretboard, the Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo is adorned with a lustrous maple fingerboard. With a radius of 300mm (11.81 inches), it strikes the perfect balance between facilitating smooth string bending and ensuring optimal note clarity. The medium frets are flawlessly crafted, offering an ideal blend of stability and versatility. Boasting 24 frets plus a zero fret, this instrument empowers you to explore new tonal dimensions across its 650mm (25.6 inches) scale length.

The body of the Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo is a testament to Vigier's unwavering commitment to tonal excellence. Crafted from two meticulously selected, centre-joined pieces of solid, naturally aged alder, this instrument resonates with richness and depth. Topped with exquisite flamed maple, its visual allure is as captivating as its sonic prowess. The painstakingly applied varnish undergoes a minimum five-week drying process, allowing it to settle and mature, ensuring a remarkable blend of protection, aesthetic elegance, and enhanced tonal resonance.

Embodying Vigier's relentless pursuit of perfection, the Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo comes equipped with meticulously engineered hardware. The oversized locking machine heads offer unrivalled tuning stability, ensuring your performance remains uninterrupted by the vagaries of the environment. The bridge, a non-locking tremolo design from 2011, pivots smoothly on needle bearings, enabling precise control over pitch modulation and expression, opening up a universe of sonic possibilities at your fingertips.

The Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo comes alive with the help of the finest electronics. Equipped with DiMarzio PAF Pro, FS1, and Tone Zone pickups, this instrument delivers a tonal palette that is as versatile as it is expressive. The H/S/H configuration allows you to seamlessly transition between blistering, high-gain leads, articulate single-coil cleans, and everything in between. Immerse yourself in the esteemed sonic tones and sounds that only DiMarzio pickups can produce, and unlock a realm of sonic exploration limited only by your imagination.

Vigier's Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo is not just a guitar; it is the embodiment of passion, craftsmanship, and technological prowess. From the very first moment you lay your hands on it, you'll feel the result of relentless innovation and uncompromising dedication to quality. Experience a level of playability and tonal versatility that sets new standards in the realm of electric guitars. Join the ranks of the world's most discerning musicians and unleash your true potential with the Vigier Excalibur Special HSH Tremolo.