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Universal Audio UAFX Guitar Pedals | Heavenly Plate Reverb
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Universal Audio UAFX Guitar Pedals | Heavenly Plate Reverb

The Perfect Recreation Of Classic '50s Studio Plate Reverbs

Elevate your music with the UAFX Heavenly Plate Reverb. Relive the haunting ambience of 1950s studio plates, now in a compact pedal. With three vintage studio plate emulations, intuitive controls, and rugged construction, it's your ticket to timeless reverb textures. Step into sonic history today.

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Introducing the UAFX Heavenly Plate Reverb - a guitar effects pedal that transcends mere sound enhancement and catapults your music into the ethereal realms of auditory ecstasy. Are you ready to embark on a journey through time, to an era when legendary 1950s studio plates defined the very essence of hit records? Look no further, for the Heavenly Plate Reverb is here to grace your musical endeavours with its hauntingly immersive ambience, meticulously emulating those classic studio plates that have left an indelible mark on music history.

Borne from the legacy of the award-winning Golden Reverberator, the Heavenly Plate Reverb stands as a testament to cutting-edge engineering and artistic finesse. It encapsulates the enigmatic charm of vintage German-made studio plate reverbs, transporting you to an era where the air was thick with nostalgia and creativity. This compact stompbox is not just a pedal; it's a portal to a sonic dimension that emanates authenticity and emotion.

Imagine your pedalboard adorned with the sonic jewels of bygone eras, each note resonating with the soul of classic plate reverb. The Heavenly Plate Reverb offers not one, but three uniquely voiced plate effects - Vintage Bright, Vintage Dark, and Modern Full. This trinity of options grants you access to a kaleidoscope of reverb textures, from the radiant brilliance of yesteryears to the enigmatic depths that have become the hallmark of iconic albums. But that's not all - sculpting your ideal reverb sound is as simple as breathing, with the intuitive Pre-delay, EQ, Mod, and Rate controls at your fingertips.

But beauty isn't just skin deep - the Heavenly Plate Reverb is engineered to withstand the rigours of time. From stages that pulse with energy to studios that echo with creativity, this pedal is your steadfast companion. The true/trails bypass ensures seamless integration into your setup, preserving your core tone when the reverb is not in use, while the analogue dry through maintains the integrity of your signal.

In essence, the Heavenly Plate Reverb is not just an effects pedal; it's a time capsule that captures the essence of musical eras. It's a testament to the pursuit of sonic excellence and a tribute to the very essence of reverberation. Step into a realm where every note is drenched in history, every chord is enriched with legacy, and every performance resonates with the spirits of countless hit records. Elevate your music with the UAFX Heavenly Plate Reverb - where innovation meets timeless artistry.