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Tom Anderson Icon Classic | Satin Organic Grain Sonic Blue w/Brown
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Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson Icon Classic | Satin Organic Grain Sonic Blue w/Brown

VA7.2R, VA7.2 & HC1+ Pickups - Happy Medium Neck - Heavy Stainless Steel Frets

Crafted with precision, it features a Swamp Ash body for rich, musical tones, complemented by a caramel maple neck for optimal playability. Equipped with heavy stainless steel frets and versatile VA7.2R, VA7.2 and HC1+ pickups, this guitar offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. Enhanced with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System for unparalleled tuning stability, the Icon Classic is another great example of what makes Anderson guitars so strong.  Read on below for further info.

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03-06-24A - 7lb
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At first glance, the Icon Classic captivates with its pure, 'iconic' styling. From the classic layout of three knobs and a top jack to the meticulously crafted body, every detail exudes sophistication and purpose. But beyond its aesthetic appeal lies a deeper commitment to legendary Anderson performance, ensuring that every note resonates with clarity and character.

Crafted with precision, the Icon Classic features a traditional scale length of 25 1/2 inches, providing players with a familiar feel and optimal playability. The body wood, Swamp Ash, is carefully selected for its unique tonal characteristics. Known for its scooped midrange and robust low-end, Swamp Ash delivers a rich, musical sound that's both dynamic and expressive. The satin organic grain finish in Sonic Blue with Brown accents adds a touch of elegance while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through.

The heart of the Icon Classic lies in its caramel maple neck, adorned with a satin natural finish that enhances both comfort and playability. The 'Happy Medium' neck back shape strikes the perfect balance between slim and medium, ensuring a comfortable grip for hours of playing. With a nut width of 1 11/16 inches, players can effortlessly navigate the fretboard with precision and control.

The Icon Classic is equipped with heavy stainless steel frets, renowned for their smoothness and durability. These frets offer unparalleled playability, allowing for silky smooth string bends and liquid smooth vibrato. Whether you're unleashing blistering solos or crafting delicate melodies, the stainless steel frets ensure that every note sings with clarity and sustain.

In the realm of pickups, the Icon Classic leaves no stone unturned. The VA7.2R, VA7.2 and HC1+ pickups deliver a wide range of tonal options, from vintage warmth to modern clarity. The VA7.2R, with its slightly hotter output and hum-canceling design, provides a powerful punch with enhanced bottom end. Paired with the HC1+, known for its mid-centered perfection and articulate highs, the Icon Classic offers a sonic palette that's as diverse as it is inspiring.

Every aspect of the Icon Classic is designed with precision and attention to detail. The Vintage Tremolo bridge ensures stable tuning and smooth vibrato, while the aged white pickguard adds a touch of vintage charm. The 5-way switching system, combined with the option in position three of S or T/LP voicings, provides players with endless tonal possibilities, from classic single-coil spank to thick, humbucker-driven growl.

To further elevate the playing experience, the Icon Classic comes equipped with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System. This innovative system ensures unparalleled tuning stability, allowing chords to sound more in tune with each other than ever before. Whether you're strumming chords or shredding solos, the Buzz Feiten Tuning System ensures that your guitar plays in tune.