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Taylor Custom | Custom #12446: Grand Auditorium
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A Unique One-Off Guitar with Beautiful Woods Handpicked by Peach in San Diego

Taylor Custom | Custom #12446: Grand Auditorium
Taylor Guitars

A Unique One-Off Guitar with Beautiful Woods Handpicked by Peach in San Diego

Taylor Custom | Custom #12446: Grand Auditorium
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Taylor Guitars

Taylor Custom | Custom #12446: Grand Auditorium

A Unique One-Off Guitar with Beautiful Woods Handpicked by Peach in San Diego

Taylor guitars are renowned for their legendary craftsmanship, and now there's an extraordinary one-of-a-kind instrument that captures their essence. Hand-picked in San Diego by Peach in collaboration with Taylor Master Guitar Designer Andy Powers, it boasts stunning AA Hawaiian Koa for its body wood, delivering a blend of midrange focus and top-end brightness that mellows and warms with play. The guitar features Taylor's groundbreaking V-Class bracing for enhanced volume and sustain. With a Grand Auditorium body shape, it's versatile for various playing styles. Adorned with intricate abalone details, high-quality tuners, and Taylor's Expression System 2 for exceptional amplified sound, this guitar is a unique masterpiece that will never be replicated.

£7,499.00 or
 In Stock
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As we are all aware, Taylor guitars are renowned for their legendary craftsmanship, exceptional playability, and remarkable tone. Now, envision possessing a Taylor guitar that is uniquely your own. This exquisite one-of-a-kind Taylor instrument came to life during a visit by our Peach Director, John, and Sales Manager, James, to Taylor's headquarters in El Cajon, California. Alongside Taylor's Master Guitar Designer, Andy Powers, they carefully selected the most striking wood sets to create these extraordinary, one-of-a-kind models, and this particular guitar is a testament to their collaboration. What makes this even more exciting is that you can witness this process in one of our featured videos on our YouTube channel, either now or very soon if you check it out later. The Taylor Custom program was designed to bring a truly unique and heirloom-quality instrument to life by leveraging Taylor's extensive array of model options, tonewoods, body shapes, aesthetic details, and design features.

The body wood of this guitar is the stunning AA Hawaiian Koa. Hawaiian Koa, a dense tropical hardwood, combines midrange focus with added top-end brightness and resonance. As a koa guitar, especially an all-koa one, is played and matures, its midrange overtones gradually infuse warmth and sweetness into its sound. Koa's tonal character blends the midrange of mahogany with the bright top end of maple. Initially, a new koa guitar may sound a bit bright and tight, akin to maple, due to its density. However, as it's played, the sound opens up, enriching the midrange and providing a more resonant, sweet, and full tone. Sometimes, a player looking for a warmer tone may experiment with different pick materials, especially if they have a brighter playing style. Hawaiian koa has consistently captivated guitarists with its distinctive blend of rich acoustic sound and naturally striking visual allure. Players will appreciate a vibrant midrange response, clear and articulate trebles, and a touch of low-end warmth for a well-balanced sound that adapts to various playing styles. The hardwood koa top produces a warmer and darker response compared to a spruce top. With the inclusion of V-Class bracing, this guitar not only records and amplifies exceptionally well but also delivers an exceptional visual experience. Taylor's revolutionary V-Class bracing acts as the sonic engine, reshaping the sound to achieve more volume and sustain, along with improved tuning from top to bottom.

In terms of body design, it follows Taylor's Grand Auditorium shape. This iconic Taylor design, introduced by Bob Taylor in 1994, represents the ultimate all-purpose acoustic guitar. With a strong presence in the lower register, clarity in the midrange, and brilliance in the treble strings, the Grand Auditorium is Taylor's most versatile and sought-after body shape. Bridging the gap between the larger Dreadnought, traditionally favoured by flatpickers, and the smaller Grand Concert, beloved by fingerstylists, the Grand Auditorium was created to excel in both realms. Its unique shape results in a distinct acoustic voice, capable of accommodating medium-strength picking and strumming while offering exceptional tonal balance across the entire spectrum, particularly in the midrange. Whether in a studio mix or on stage, the GA body shape effortlessly complements other instruments, making it a top choice for singer-songwriters, composers, and those seeking an all-purpose guitar for various musical styles.

Aside from its exquisite top, this guitar boasts intricate abalone trim around the soundboard and for the rosette, cocobolo body binding, mother-of-pearl accents on the bridge and Taylor logo, as well as a captivating abalone peghead inlay and ebony bridge pins adorned with abalone dots. The tuners are high-quality Gotoh 510s in an Antique Gold finish, ensuring excellent pitch stability.

For those who desire the versatility of plugging in, Taylor's Expression System 2 is at your service. The Expression System 2, an innovation in acoustic guitar amplification, captures a wider range of a guitar's dynamic characteristics using a breakthrough design behind the saddle. This system incorporates Taylor's patented behind-the-saddle pickup with three strategically positioned and individually calibrated sensors, allowing for a more expansive range of acoustic sound to be faithfully reproduced. Coupled with Taylor's custom-designed "professional audio"-grade preamp, the ES2 delivers exceptional amplified tone and responsiveness whether you're performing live, recording, or using your favourite acoustic amplifier. This system faithfully conveys the distinctive voice of your Taylor guitar, whether it's on stage through a PA or direct into recording software.

For many years, piezo-electric transducers were positioned under the saddle with the belief that the string and top vibrations caused the saddle to move up and down. However, Taylor's electronics team, led by developer David Hosler, discovered that the vertical movement was quite limited and the saddle remained firmly locked down due to the downward pressure of the strings. This traditional under-saddle pickup with piezo-electric crystals often yielded a sound described as thin, brittle, or synthetic, particularly during aggressive playing. Recognising that the saddle's natural movement was more of a back-and-forth pendulum motion while the guitar was played, Taylor's design team relocated the crystals from beneath the saddle to a position behind it. This new placement allowed the crystals to respond more naturally to the guitar's energy as it transferred through the saddle. Three pickup sensors, installed behind the saddle through the bridge, are calibrated with precision using three small Allen screws to ensure their accurate positioning relative to the saddle. The ES2 system retains the familiar volume and tone control knobs, making it user-friendly for both artists and live sound engineers.

In conclusion, this one-of-a-kind guitar represents a unique masterpiece that will never be replicated.