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Rickenbacker 4003AC Al Cisneros Signature | Walnut - Used
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Rickenbacker 4003AC Al Cisneros Signature | Walnut - Used

1 of Only 420 Ever Made - USA Built - Walnut Body - Bound Maple Board - Hard Case - Excellent Condition

The Al Cisneros Rickenbacker 4003 AC is a rare and expertly crafted bass guitar, with only 420 units ever made. Designed to meet the unique playing style of Al Cisneros from the bands Sleep and OM, this bass features innovations like a re-engineered bridge, hot-wound treble pickups, and green neck inlays. It maintains the classic Rickenbacker sound with versatile tonal options and excellent playability. The pre-owned condition offers fantastic value, making it a highly desirable instrument for bass enthusiasts and collectors alike. Read on below for further details.

1939718 - 9lb 4oz
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Peach proudly present an awesome rarity: a pre-owned Al Cisneros Rickenbacker bass in great condition. Only 420 of these exclusive models were made, and they originally retailed for well over £4k. This is a unique find, not something you come across every day.

Who is Al Cisneros?
Al Cisneros is the bassist for the stoner-rock band Sleep and the experimental act OM. Known for his droning figures and heavy fingerstyle playing, Cisneros draws inspiration from pioneers like Geezer Butler while maintaining his distinct style. His technique, involving playing the strings near the neck, influenced the design of his signature Rickenbacker 4003.

The Rickenbacker 4003 AC:
The Rickenbacker 4003 AC is tailored to Cisneros' playing style, featuring massive bezels over the pickups for his fingerstyle technique. Green neck inlays, reflecting Cisneros' love of weed, and a limited production run of 420 models add unique artistic touches.

Build Quality and Innovations:
This passive, neck-through bass showcases exceptional engineering and component quality. Notable innovations include a re-engineered tailpiece and bridge with adjustable saddles, a feature long desired by Rickenbacker fans. The light oil finish on the body is almost undetectable to touch.

The bass includes two hot-wound treble pickups instead of the usual one bass and one treble configuration, with a slight repositioning of the upper pickup. Additional features include a signed pickguard, custom knobs, a transparent thumb rest, a bound maple neck and fretboard, Schaller open-gear tuners, and an adjustable truss rod. Despite these modifications, the 4003 AC retains the essential qualities of a standard 4003W, meeting the expectations of Rickenbacker enthusiasts.

Sound and Playability:
Traditionalists will appreciate the classic Rickenbacker sound, characterised by a biting, percussive attack followed by a clear, transparent bloom. The bass offers versatility with its tonal range; rolling off the top end and selecting the front pickup yields a warmer, James Jamerson-like sound, while the bottom end remains thick and heavy.

The two treble pickups, one closer to the bridge, accommodate Cisneros' playing style. Plucking the strings near the neck produces a slightly rubbery feel, encouraging expressive playing. The bass is highly playable, with a smooth rear neck finish and a nut width of 42.9mm, making it comfortable for extended play.

For those who prefer different playing techniques, the bezels can be removed.

The Rickenbacker 4003 AC is a top-tier bass, offering excellent playability, superb tones, and state-of-the-art components. Its pre-owned status makes it a fantastic value, providing significant durability and worth. 

Considering its build quality and potential for a lifetime of use, the 4003 AC is highly justifiable. We wholeheartedly recommend this bass.


  • Made In: USA, limited to 420 units
  • Body: Walnut
  • Neck: Maple, 33.25" scale
  • Neck Join: Neck-through
  • Fretboard: Maple, bound, 20 frets
  • Pickups: 2 x hot-wound single-coil trebles, removable bezels
  • Controls: 2 x volume, 2 x tone (push/pull for vintage tone), 3-way pickup selector
  • Hardware: Rickenbacker 'newly re-engineered' bridge, Schaller Deluxe tuners
  • Case: Hard case