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Reverend Bolt-On Series | Jetstream 390 - Chronic Blue - Maple
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Reverend Guitars

Reverend Bolt-On Series | Jetstream 390 - Chronic Blue - Maple

Custom Pickups - Position 2 & 4 Quack - Roasted Neck - Bass Contour - Locking Tuners - Wilkinson Trem

Meet the Reverend Jetstream 390: a guitar that blends fat, bluesy tones with the perfect amount of bite. With custom pickups, a roasted maple neck, and a Korina body, it's built for both clean and distorted tones. Plus, features like the Thin Finish and Bass Contour ensure versatility and responsiveness. With top-notch hardware and electronics, including Pin-Lock Tuners and a Treble Bleed Circuit, the Jetstream 390 delivers exceptional tone and playability in one sleek package.

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Introducing the Reverend Jetstream 390, a guitar that blends fat, raw bluesy tones with just the right amount of bite to cut through any mix. Dive into the details, and you'll discover why this guitar stands out from the rest.

Crafted with Reverend's proprietary custom pickups, each meticulously designed to deliver the perfect tonal match with the instrument, the Jetstream 390 ensures balanced volume and tone across all pickup positions. Whether you're seeking classic "quack" tones or thick, distorted sounds, this guitar delivers in spades.

The Roasted Maple neck is a testament to innovation, heat-treated to over 150C to remove impurities and moisture, resulting in a lighter, more stable neck with a stunning caramel hue. Say goodbye to seasonal adjustments and hello to a vintage aesthetic that stands the test of time.

At the heart of the Jetstream 390 lies its Korina body, prized for its medium-lightweight and tonal qualities. Reverend spares no expense in ensuring each instrument resonates with lively harmonics, thanks to the choice of Korina wood.

But it's not just about looks and tonewood; the Jetstream 390 features a Thin Finish, allowing the body to vibrate freely for a more resonant and lively tone. Combine this with the Bass Contour, a passive bass roll-off for tightening up the low end or re-voicing pickups, and you have a guitar that's versatile and responsive to your playing style.

The hardware on the Jetstream 390 is equally impressive. From the Pin-Lock Tuners for exceptional tuning stability to the Wilkinson WVS50 IIK Tremolo system that stays in tune even under aggressive whammy action, every detail is designed with performance in mind.

Reverend's commitment to quality extends to every aspect of the Jetstream 390, from the initialed headstock by skilled technicians to the Triple-Tree String Tree, eliminating G string buzz for pristine sound.

But it's the electronics where the Jetstream 390 truly shines. With 10% Poly Caps and 10% Pots, each component is built to tighter specifications for consistency and longevity. Add in the Treble Bleed Circuit, preserving treble when rolling back the volume control, and you have a guitar that sounds great at any volume.