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R Weaver FX | Midnight Vibe Deluxe - Violet Sparkle
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R Weaver FX

R Weaver FX | Midnight Vibe Deluxe - Violet Sparkle

Mesmerising Swirl & Lush 3D Throb - Best Components - Footswitchable Chrorus & Vibrato

The R Weaver FX Midnight Vibe Deluxe is a guitar pedal created by Rick Weaver, a music enthusiast with over 40 years of experience in playing, repairing, building, and setting up musical equipment. Rick's pedal captures vintage vibes with high-quality components, delivering clarity, swirl, and a dynamic phase. The intensity and speed controls offer a wide range of expressive sounds. Rick's deep understanding of the pedal's inner workings results in a lush, 3D throb and clarity. Unlike some modern pedals, Rick has sourced the best components, maintaining authenticity and quality. The pedal features adjustable trimmers for bulb bias and sweep symmetry. Rick is confident in the Midnight Vibe's ability to match vintage units at an affordable price.

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Introducing the R Weaver FX Midnight Vibe Deluxe, a guitar pedal that transcends the ordinary and stands as a testament to the passion, expertise, and artistry of one man: Rick Weaver. Rick's journey through the world of music began over 40 years ago, and he's spent those years honing his craft, from playing in bands to repairing, building, and setting up equipment for himself and countless others. Rick's journey has been marked by a deep fascination with the technical aspects of music, from guitars to amps to pedals and beyond. He was driven to understand not only how these components worked but also how to make them better.

Rick has poured his heart and soul into crafting a pedal that captures the essence of vintage vibes, and he's succeeded admirably. Every component has been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. From the NOS Japanese-made C2-V bulbs to the meticulously chosen photocells that rival the best of the original Univibe cells, Rick has spared no expense in creating a pedal that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

When you engage the Midnight Vibe Deluxe, you'll experience a level of clarity, a mesmerising swirl, and a phase that will leave you in awe. The headroom provided ensures that you'll have room to explore and experiment with your sound, allowing you to create tones that are uniquely your own.

The intensity and speed controls on the Midnight Vibe Deluxe are where the magic truly happens. Rick has fine-tuned these controls to provide a prominent throb that sweeps through the entire range, offering you a dynamic and expressive palette of sound. You'll find all the classic Univibe tones and more, waiting for you to discover and unleash in your music.

One of the key distinctions of Rick's craftsmanship is his profound understanding of the pedal's inner workings. He knows precisely how to make these units come alive, delivering that lush 3D throb, swirl, and clarity that legendary recordings are known for. The Midnight Vibe isn't just a pedal; it's an instrument that sounds alive, with a clear yet full bottom end that's characteristic of those iconic recordings we all love.

Rick wants to address the notion of "modern" vibes in the market. Many builders, especially those producing in high volumes, use whatever components are readily available. However, Rick's approach is different. He's gone the extra mile to source the best components, even if it meant facing challenges along the way. The Japanese-made C2-V bulbs and photocells in the Midnight Vibe are a testament to his dedication to authenticity and quality. His circuit board adheres to the exact size of the Univibe layout and boasts outstanding quality. Today's pots and trimpots offer more range than their vintage counterparts, allowing for even greater sonic flexibility.

It's worth noting that the Midnight Vibe Deluxe offers two trimmers. The first, for bulb bias adjustment, can have a profound effect on the pedal's character, from darkness to brightness, and everything in between. The second trimmer controls the offset or symmetry of the sweep, providing yet another dimension of control over your tone. These adjustments are powerful but should be left alone unless you're well-versed in their nuances.

Rick is 100% confident in the Midnight Vibe's ability to match the performance of vintage units. He believes in the quality of the components he uses, the precision of his build, and most importantly, his own finely-tuned ear. This confidence is reflected in the pedal's price point, which stands well below that of "exact" replicas and other high-end offerings. Rick's mission is to ensure that every guitarist can access the magic of the Midnight Vibe without the burden of excessive cost.

The Midnight Vibe Deluxe benefits form an additional footswitch, which allows you to choose between Chorus and Vibrato modes, as well as another footswitch for the cancel mode.

Before you decide to make the Midnight Vibe a part of your musical journey, please understand that these pedals are not factory-produced items. They are handmade with extreme love and knowledge. The goal here isn't to create something that looks like it rolled off a factory production line. Instead, these pedals are raw, reliable, and the real deal. When you invest in a Midnight Vibe, you're not just buying a piece of equipment; you're becoming a part of Rick Weaver's lifelong passion for music and craftsmanship.

As with any high quality vibe, please use the best possible power supply you can lay your hands on! This unit requires 18v