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Peterson StroboPLUS HDC | Desktop Strobe Tuner & Metronome
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Peterson Tuners

Peterson StroboPLUS HDC | Desktop Strobe Tuner & Metronome

The Definitive Portable Strobe Tuner & Metronome

Since 1948, Peterson tuning products have defined the standard in tuning accuracy. StroboPLUS HDC, the latest update to the line, encompasses those decades of tuning authority and technology and delivers the ultimate Strobe Tuner/Metronome combo, with an unparalleled +/-0.1 cent tuning resolution.

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Featuring a high-definition, variable multi-colour display, the StroboPLUS HDC screen can be seen easily from a distance and will tune any instrument to an ultra-high degree.  Over 200 exclusive on-board Sweetened Tunings accommodate a variety of instruments and musical genres, while the included, highly-configurable metronome features precise beat matching 0.1 BPM adjustability, ultra-wide tempo range, advanced subdivisions, accent patterns and polyrhythms and can also import tempo maps. 

Perfect for home the stage, bench, studio or classroom or just to help make you a better musician, StroboPlus HDC is equally as comfortable on a tech's workbench as it is in a player's guitar case and is the complete tuning, ear training and rhythm tool - all in a single package!

All Peterson products provide guaranteed tuning results to within +/-0.1 cent (1/1000th of a fret or semitone). StroboPLUS HDC is no exception to this and employs Peterson's proprietary Strobo Tuning Technology to tune your instrument to an ultra-high degree of accuracy. This level of accuracy is an industry benchmark and what has made Peterson the choice of professionals around the globe for over 70 years and this is now even better with the large HD colour display. The user-selectable vibrant screen colours can be used to personalise the tuner with whatever shade suits your style or to increase display viewing quality in different levels of ambient lighting. Plus, you can even save your favourite tuning settings to unique colours to significantly reduce menu navigation time and increase on-stage tuning confidence at the gig.

The StroboPLUS HDC's Virtual Strobe display is DIRECTLY driven by the input signal. That means you'll see the attack, sustain and the decay of the note being tuned - all in real-time. This speed of movement is in direct correlation to the distance from the target pitch and the display doesn't exhibit the often-found jerky motion found in needle or LED-based tuners. You can literally watch the strobe bands settle as you pull that note into the target pitch!

StroboPLUS HDC includes one of the most innovative and versatile metronomes on the market as a standard feature and hundreds of subdivision combinations, accent patterns, polyrhythms and user-imagined tempo maps are all at your disposal, via the built-in speaker or the headphone jack.
Tactile feedback is also available with the use of an optional Peterson BodyBeat Pulse Solo or BodyBeat Vibe Clip. These clip-on devices can help musicians experience a way to silently internalise tempo that can be felt by a pulse, but not heard. Rather than merely playing along to a robotic click, they can be worn discreetly to allow your ears to focus on the music you're creating.

Sweetened Tuning offers a number of alternate temperaments to suit a variety of string and wind instruments. A Sweetener preset is a set of cent offsets or a deviation from generic Equal Temperament interval spacing traditionally used in tuning, in other words, several presets with differing interval spacing relevant to the instrument being tuned. If you've never been happy with how your instrument tunes up with your present tuner, a Sweetener could be just the thing to change that without any modifications whatsoever. Supplied with over 180 factory preset Sweetened Tunings, covering a wide variety of electric and acoustic instruments, StroboPLUS HDC can address the specific inharmonicities of any of these selected instruments all helping to optimise their tuning. Also included as standard are a collection of guided tunings. These include popular drop, alternate, artist-specific and standard string number tunings.

Native compatibility with Peterson Connect also allows you to configure and update your StroboPLUS HDC for a complete personal tuning experience. This application for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Windows/OS X) provides a simple method to configure and customise your StroboPLUS HDC and helps to create your own sweeteners, navigate the user tuning trading post or arrange preset tunings before the gig. Tempo Maps can also be loaded to the StroboPLUS HDC via Peterson Connect for practising musical scores - complete with tempo changes! Peterson Connect is also the hub for updating firmware ensuring that it remains up-to-date with any future software upgrades.

Gone are the days of having to carry extra batteries and tripping over power cables during a performance! StroboPLUS HDC's supplied battery is rechargeable via regular USB computer bus or outlet power. Charge up this large-screen chromatic StroboPLUS HD tuner and use the built-in microphone or 1/4" input to plug in and tune... it's that simple! Adjust the display colour to your liking. Edit with software to customise it and this tuner can be precisely what you want it to be!