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Pedaltrain Accessories | SST - Space Saving Tuner

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Pedaltrain Accessories | SST - Space Saving Tuner

Space-Saving Precision

The Pedaltrain SST Chromatic Tuner revolutionizes pedal tuners with its compact design that fits between pedals, saving valuable space on your pedalboard. It delivers fast and accurate tuning with a high brightness LED display for outdoor use. The always-on, always-ready design and innovative cable management keep your setup efficient. The tuner offers selectable tuning reference pitches, a durable aluminium chassis, and operates on external power. Master proper muting for optimal performance. Say goodbye to compromise and welcome the convenience and precision of the SST Chromatic Tuner.

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Introducing the Pedaltrain SST Chromatic Tuner, a game-changer in the world of pedal tuners. Designed with a compact and innovative form factor, this tuner slides effortlessly between your pedals, optimising precious pedalboard space like never before. With SST, you can now add more of your favourite effects without compromise.

SST is not your ordinary tuner. It boasts incredible speed and accuracy, ensuring your instrument is perfectly in tune with a stunning precision of just +/- 1 cent. Its high brightness LED display guarantees crystal-clear visibility even under the glaring sun, making it the ideal companion for outdoor gigs and festivals.

But SST doesn't stop there. With its always-on, always-ready design, you can tune on the fly without any hassle. Its ingenious cable management system routes both audio and power connections under the Pedaltrain, freeing up valuable surface area and keeping your setup neat and tidy.

Muting discipline is crucial for optimal performance with SST. By muting unused strings while tuning, you'll achieve the best results and avoid any confusion. Become a pro and master the art of proper muting.

The SST Chromatic Tuner is also packed with surprises. It offers eight selectable tuning reference pitches, ranging from A438 to A445, allowing you to adapt to various musical contexts. Its durable aluminium chassis, acrylic display, and ABS ends ensure longevity, so you can rely on it for countless performances.

Say goodbye to batteries and extra power supplies. SST operates on external power, and although its current draw is higher compared to other tuners due to its extra bright LEDs, its performance and features make it worth every milliamp.

Don't let space limitations compromise your pedalboard dreams. Embrace the power and versatility of the Pedaltrain SST Chromatic Tuner, the ultimate tuner pedal that redefines convenience, accuracy, and space optimisation.