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New Release | Universal Audio Pedals!
12 Apr 2023

New Release | Universal Audio Pedals!

12 Apr 2023

Universal Audio have carved out a reputation as purveyors of the finest high-fidelity audio experiences for the working musician. They found their fame crafting preamps and recording hardware back in the ‘60s and ‘70s to great acclaim, if you’ve spent any time in a studio, you’ve almost certainly experienced Universal Audio!

More recently, UA have been delivering ground-breaking audio interfaces, plug-ins and incredible amp emulators, the “Dream” based on a ‘65 Reverb being a personal favourite of ours!

This introduction and immediate dominance of the guitar sphere has inspired Universal Audio to cast their glorious net even further afield, and we’re super excited to share with you the release of 3 BRAND NEW Universal Audio effects pedals. The Del-Verb Ambience Companion, Max Preamp & Dual Compressor and the Galaxy ‘74 Tape Echo & Reverb.

We were fortunate enough to get some pre-release time in the studio with them and you can check out our video just above!  

So rather than hit you with loads of information, specs and technical jargon, we’ll give you a brief outline of each pedal and direct you back to the video, where Jack can give you the low-down in the best possible way!

New Release | Universal Audio Pedals!

Built upon award-winning UAFX dual-engine processing and an unquenchable thirst for sonic authenticity, the Galaxy '74 Tape Echo & Reverb captures the warm, warped, relentlessly analogue effects of the iconic mid-'70s Roland Space Echo. Get iconic tape textures filled with the musical flutter and saturation of the original Space Echo and use the multi-head design along with doubled delay times and tap tempo to create rhythmic subdivisions not possible on the original hardware. 

New Release | Universal Audio Pedals!

The Max Preamp & Dual Compressor puts the colourful sound of three legendary limiters and an iconic tube preamp, right at your feet. From the mind of UA founder Bill Putnam to your pedalboard, Max gives you the same FET compressor used on decades of legendary studio guitar sounds, whether you're looking to make your funk a little funkier, add soulful sustain, or inject subtle infusions of tone.

With Max, you can easily layer compressors in any combination for a dizzying array of sounds and textures, letting you push your tones to the front no matter how much limiting you apply.

New Release | Universal Audio Pedals!

The Del-Verb Ambience Companion packs ready-to-wear emulations of classic reverb and delay effects, in a pedal designed for immediate inspiration.

From the tube-driven springs of an American mid-'60s combo to the haunting sound of a German plate reverb and the lushness of an '80s digital studio classic, Del-Verb gives you the same reverb algorithms found in Golden Reverberator, the TEC Award winner for Best Effects Pedal in 2022.

Whether it's the warm repeats of a '70s Maestro EP-III tape echo, the thick colour of an Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, or UA's modern-sounding Precision Delay, Del-Verb's suitcase is packed with the definitive effects found in UA's mothership Starlight Echo Station.

As always, you can buy with confidence from Peach Guitars. From meticulously inspecting each piece of equipment, professionally setting up each guitar, tracking every package, and delivering the best after-sales customer service, our team will do our best to make you feel welcome and offer genuine, professional advice.