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Powers Electric: A New Modern Classic
14 Jun 2024

Powers Electric: A New Modern Classic

14 Jun 2024

Introducing the Powers Electric A-Type: A New Classic at Peach Guitars

At Peach Guitars, we’re thrilled to unveil the Powers Electric A-Type. Designed by Andy Powers, the creative mind behind Taylor Guitars, this instrument marks a groundbreaking addition to the electric guitar landscape. Last month, in May 2024, we had the privilege of being invited to San Diego to experience the guitars firsthand and hear directly from Andy Powers about his exciting new venture, Powers Electric.

A Truly Original Instrument: The electric guitar has seen numerous iterations over the decades, but few manage to break away from the mold of their predecessors. The Powers Electric A-Type is a refreshing exception. Playing a Powers Electric guitar combines a familiar comfort with a surge of inspiration that you can only really find when you play an entirely unique guitar.

The Birth of Powers Electric: Powers Electric is Andy Powers’ passion project, developed outside the Taylor brand. This venture allows Andy to fully explore his lifelong love for electric guitars, crafting an instrument he always dreamed of as a player. Peach Guitars is honoured to be among the select dealers launching Powers Electric and this remarkable guitar.

Powers Electric: A New Modern Classic

Southern California: A Creative Catalyst: San Diego’s North County, with its rich surf, skate, and hot rod culture, profoundly influenced Andy’s design. Every aspect of the A-Type reflects the vibrant creative spirit of this area. During our visit, we saw firsthand how these cultural elements are woven into the fabric of Andy’s creative process, resulting in a guitar that embodies the spirit of its birthplace.

The Design: The A-Type's design is a nod to the sleek lines of classic cars and surfboards. Its asymmetrical shape maintains visual balance while offering a modern twist. The body’s contoured armrest and edges ensure comfort, whether you’re playing standing or sitting.

Powers Electric: A New Modern Classic

Unique Features of the A-Type:

Weight and Build: Weighing in between just 5/6 lbs, this guitar is super light and boasts a fully enclosed, trussed hollow body with internal sound posts, maximising resonance and sustain. The construction involves a solid wood top and back that move in tandem, reducing feedback and enhancing sustain.

Surfboard Resin Components: The knobs and tremolo grip are crafted from surfboard resin, with unique colours complementing each finish. This material not only adds a distinctive aesthetic touch but also ties back to Andy’s surf culture inspirations.

Powers Electric: A New Modern Classic

CamTail Tremolo: The “Camshaft Tailpiece,” or CamTail, is a new concept from Powers Guitars. It's just a little tweak but it goes a long way - utilising individual radiuses for each string on the tailpiece, it allows each string to decrease in pitch at the same rate, relative to each other. It sounds just like a slide player would when you down-pitch a chord, keeping the chord structure. A side effect of this design is that it removes a bane of all tremolos - unison bends that throw the unbent strings out of tune! The CamTail has a very unique and pleasing feel when returning to pitch which is great for simulating the foot pedals of a pedal steel. For versatility, you can disengage this function to experience a more typical tremolo system.

Pickups: You can choose between two pickups, the PF42 and the FF42, which deliver a blend of modern magnetic structure with a vintage feel, producing both fidelity and warmth. These pickups use a Faraday cage design with 42- gauge wire, reducing hum and noise while enhancing tonal clarity. The engine- turned tops of the pickups add a touch of hot rod detailing, echoing the design inspiration from classic cars. These pickups strike a perfect balance between the muscle of single coils and the definition of P90s, making them versatile and powerful.

Powers Electric: A New Modern Classic

Innovative Radius: The A-Type features a unique split radius, different from any typical compound radius. On the treble side, the radius is flatter, which facilitates easier string bending and faster playability. On the bass side, it’s rounder, making chord playing more comfortable and natural. This asymmetrical design ensures that the guitar feels perfect in every playing style, blending comfort with precision.

Custom Hardware: In addition to the CamTail tremolo system and pickups, every piece of hardware is bespoke, ensuring the highest quality and a unique aesthetic.

A-Type vs. A-Type Select:

The Powers Electric A-Type series includes two primary versions: A-Type and A- Type Select. Both share the same innovative core design and features, but the A- Type Select elevates the series with premium options such as flame or quilt maple tops in exclusive finishes like Pale Ale, Blue Lagoon and Solana Sunset. These select models are often produced in limited runs with hand-picked wood tops, making each guitar a true collector's item.

Powers Electric: A New Modern Classic

CamTail vs. HardTail Options:

Both the A-Type and A-Type Select offer CamTail and HardTail options:

CamTail Version: Features a unique camshaft tailpiece designed to maintain consistent relative pitch per string, providing dynamic sound and sustaining tone similar to a lap steel guitar. This version incorporates spring steel for dynamic string articulation and includes a locking system.

HardTail Version: Offers stable tuning without pitch-shifting capabilities, delivering a clear, direct sound. The brass bridge is anchored directly to the guitar's top for enhanced resonance and a robust design.

Powers Electric: A New Modern Classic

PF42 vs FF42 Pickup Choices:

Another key feature of both the A-Type and A-Type Select models is the choice of pickups: PF42 and FF42, standing for Partial Faraday 42 Gauge Wire and Full Faraday 42 Gauge Wire, respectively. The tonal differences between these pickups are:

PF42: Provides a firm and brighter response.

FF42: Emphasises clarity and warmth.

Both pickups are designed to allow the strings to vibrate more naturally, sharing the same design ethos.

Powers Electric: A New Modern Classic


The Powers Electric A-Type is more than just an instrument; it's a blend of art, innovation, and passion. Featuring surfboard resin components and a hot rod- inspired design, with all hardware and construction meticulously designed and built in-house, it showcases Andy Powers' creative vision and craftsmanship. This guitar boldly innovates while honouring guitar heritage and the cultural legacy of its designer.

Visit Peach Guitars to explore these extraordinary instruments and find the one that resonates with your style and preferences.