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New Release | Taylor 50th Anniversary models!
22 Jan 2024

New Release | Taylor 50th Anniversary models!

22 Jan 2024

2024 is a huge year for Taylor, not only do they have another batch of incredible guitars ready to drop, but they are celebrating a milestone anniversary, 50 years of Taylor Guitars!

Taylor has been at the forefront of acoustic guitar design for years, well, 50 I suppose, always striving to develop improved technologies and designs that make playing acoustic guitar a more enjoyable and rich experience. They really are top of the tree for crafting the kind of guitar you can take on stage night after night and sound as good, and feel as comfortable as possible every time.

In honour of their fiftieth anniversary, Taylor have announced the release of 5 very special anniversary builds. These are the Builder’s Edition 814ce, 314ce and the American Dream AD14ce.

We’d love to pull your focus towards the USA built offerings, so let’s start with the big dog, the Builders Edition 814ce.

The Builder’s Edition line embodies the principles of innovation and craftsmanship. Each guitar in the Builder’s Edition family represents the peak of Taylor’s design philosophy: comfortable, inviting guitars with rich, robust tone and stunning aesthetics.

New Release | Taylor 50th Anniversary models!

The new 814ce is simply incredible, utilising the Grand Auditorium body shape, it boasts a Sinker Redwood top with Indian Rosewood back and sides for a really unique tonal palette. A guitar of this calibre will of course be equipped with Taylor’s revolutionary V-Class bracing, allowing for perfect pitch and tuning stability across the fretboard, it’s arguably the most important development in acoustic guitar for over 20 years!

Next up is the incredible AD14ce-SB. Taylor Guitars have something of a reputation for championing sustainability. They go above and beyond to ensure materials are responsibly sourced, suppliers fairly compensated and that the production of their instruments comes at minimal cost to the environment. It’s an admirable and very necessary stance and one that is proudly displayed in the American Dream Series.

New Release | Taylor 50th Anniversary models!

The new Taylor AD14ce is a Grand Auditorium with a serious attitude! Taylor have added another flavour to the American Dream’s tonal palette with this Walnut with Spruce top pairing. Benefitting, as always, from Taylor’s iconic and revolutionary V-Class bracing, the AD14ce boasts a bold midrange and a distinctive character that will immediately find favour with fingerstyle players, pickers and those who lust over impeccable note definition and clarity.

Lastly, the magnificent 314ce LTD. The 314ce is one of the most popular models in the Taylor arsenal, it punches well above its very reasonable price tag and delivers the same touch, tone and finesse of its much more expensive siblings. Here, we find a Torrefied Sitka Spruce top matched with Sapele back and sides for a rich and full natural tone. The Smoked Eucalyptus fingerboard is a joy to experience and is another nod to Taylor’s commitment to sustainable timber practices. 

New Release | Taylor 50th Anniversary models!

Each model comes with a Taylor hardcase and is limited to just 1,974 guitars, in tribute to their founding year of 1974!

We’ll be bringing you playing clips and content as soon as they land in store, and we’re certainly excited to get our hands on them! Click the product links to the side to get the full lowdown on each model and get your pre-order in now!

As always, you can buy with confidence from Peach Guitars. From meticulously inspecting each piece of equipment, professionally setting up each guitar, tracking every package, and delivering the best after-sales customer service, our team will do our best to make you feel welcome and offer genuine, professional advice.