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New Release | MXR Joshua Ambient Echo
02 Jan 2024

New Release | MXR Joshua Ambient Echo

02 Jan 2024

Let’s kick 2024 off with a bang, introducing the BRAND NEW MXR Joshua Ambient Echo, a one-stop shop for all your glorious soundscape needs!

Although there has been no official confirmation, a “Joshua” titled ambient echo suggests it’s inspired by the iconic sounds from a very particular Irish legend. We might be wide of the mark with that assumption, but the MXR Joshua Ambient Echo can certainly nail that early ‘80s highly textured delay sound.

Once upon a time, you needed a whole rack processor to get those lush swirling, atmospheric echo tones, but this pedal comes with everything you need to replicate that distinct tonal palette. It’s compact, modern, user-friendly and it’s ready to dial in and use straight out of the box.

The core of the MXR Joshua Ambient Echo is its highly customizable delay setup, offering control over not only the tempo and number of repeats, Delay and Regen controls, but also their rhythm. With a turn of the Division control, you can select from ¼ note, dotted ⅛ note, ⅛ note, ⅛ note triplet, double delay with an ⅛ note, and dotted ⅛ note subdivisions. Want your repeats to keep trailing off even after the pedal disengaged? Just push the Trails. Want an even more dynamic sound? The Echo 2 switch adds a secondary set of repeats set to 1/4 note tempo, which can be adjusted through advanced settings.

For direct control over the timing of your repeats, this pedal supports both onboard tap tempo through the footswitch and off-board switching through the CTR jack. An off-board switch also allows you to freeze your delay lines at max feedback so that you can weave leads and solos over your tonal tapestry.

With the MXR Joshua Ambient Echo, refining the tones and textures of your echoes is effortlessly intuitive. The Mod control washes your delay signal with lush, chewy modulation. Once that’s dialed in, elevate the entire soundscape to celestial heights with the Voice control. It conjures an angelic, organ-like aura through a custom mix of -1 sub octave, +1 octave up, and +2 octave up signals, amplifying the ethereal ambience already crafted by the pedal’s other elements for a truly otherworldly sonic experience.

The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo isn’t just a delay, it’s a tonal recipe expertly concocted for those who seek atmospheric perfection. Whether you're an ambient rock enthusiast or a tonal architect, this pedal is your ticket to iconic sonic sanctuaries.

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