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New Release | Bad Cat Jet Black
21 Nov 2023
Bad Cat | Jet Black Head
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New Release | Bad Cat Jet Black

21 Nov 2023

Introducing the brand new Bad Cat Jet Black, a punchy 38 watt powerhouse that delivers the classic Black Cat sound but with even more volume! Utilising a quartet of EL84’s power tubes, with 3 12AX7 preamp tubes, the Jet Black packs a serious punch!

With twice as many power valves as the Black Cat, extra volume was a given, but the dynamic response and clarity on offer is just unreal! Touch sensitive, clinical and razor sharp, this amp puts you in complete control. 

New Release | Bad Cat Jet Black

With an easy to navigate, user-friendly design, the Jet Black features 2 channels and boasts in built tremolo and reverb.

The first channel offers glorious cleans, sharp and precise, the lows are bold and the highs ring out. Harmonically rich and easily sculpted to your own preferences, this channel is a great all-rounder. Push it a little harder and you’ll really open it up, from crystal clean to high gain in the turn of a knob! 

Channel 2 is a brand new Bad Cat design. Designed to deliver the full spectrum of rock guitar tones, the Jet Black takes you from ‘70s inspired drive right through to the crushing, complex tones of today’s modern players. It’s super versatile and finds a way to fit the demands of just about any heavier playing scenario, it always finds its own sonic space.

The custom reverb and tremolo circuits perfectly match the Jet Black’s unique personality, while the 3-band EQ is designed to be perfectly balanced in the noon position, making it easy to shape your sound to suit your cab or venue. A compact 2-button footswitch is included and from this you can change channel and activate the tremolo circuit.

New Release | Bad Cat Jet Black

On the back you get a buffered and transparent FX loop, a line out which is perfect for using external IRs or re-amping, and a full complement of speaker outputs to choose from. 

We’ve had this killer amp in the studio this week and we absolutely adore it, it’s everything we love about Bad Cat but with that little extra bit of dynamism and power! 

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