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Peach Guitars | Nordvang Custom Pedals
10 May 2023

Peach Guitars | Nordvang Custom Pedals

10 May 2023

There’s nothing we love more than boutique pedals, unearthing the next masterpiece in our never ending quest for tonal excellence. One brand that always sparks our interest, and rightly sits at the top of the tree, is Denmark’s finest, Nordvang.

Born in Copenhagen Denmark, Nordvang Custom are the true embodiment of high-end guitar tone, using only the very best components, paired up with a quality over quantity attitude, their pedals are sure to take you on a tone trip unlike any other. 

Discovering "Dire Straits" back in '89 began owner/builder Henrik Nordvang's quest for tone. After studying as an electrical technician alongside a 3 year apprenticeship in Bang & Olufsen research & development team, Henrik took his final step and entered into the world of boutique guitar pedals. Nordvang Custom is one of the hottest brands around right now and we are incredibly proud that they are part of the Peach Guitars family.

As it stands, Nordvang offers some incredible pedals, and we’ve got stock RIGHT NOW! So here’s a low down to get you excited, inspired and making room on your pedalboard for the best pedal you’ll buy this year!

The '83 Drive is a dual overdrive and the ultimate tone machine, thanks to its versatile nature it can be used as an always on drive all the way to a mid boosting lead tone. It's Nordvang's take on the legendary K-style overdrive and the Black Box Bluesbreaker, featuring two independent overdrives with two classic drive sounds.

The Gravity is Nordvang's take on two of the best overdrive circuits of all time, the K-style circuit and the TS10 circuit, with the Gravity Nordvang has combined both of these all in one enclosure! A new dual overdrive specialising in mid push, Gravity will give you the ability to cut through the mix in any situation.The pedals inspiration lies in its name, modelled on the Gravity sound and also the later live lead tones of legendary guitarist John Mayer. His iconic sound is created by using the TS10 as the main lead tone and the K-overdrive as a second cascading gain stage.

Peach Guitars | Nordvang Custom Pedals

The Wingman is a dual overdrive pedal featuring two identical overdrives based on the mythical K-style circuit, each channel of the Wingman can be use independently or together to create the ultimate boost and medium gain overdrive with loads of headroom and output on tap. The inspiration for this pedal came from fans demanding a dual version of Nordvang's classic No.1 overdrive, known for it's versatile nature as a clean boost or overdrive.

Peach Guitars | Nordvang Custom Pedals

Back in 2014 Nordvang Custom burst onto the scene with their first pedal, the No.1  Overdrive modelled on the now mythical K-circuit. The new No.1 Signature builds on the original concept with a newly designed circuit, delivering  the tone and feel of a classic Klon pedal.

The No.1 Sig. features control knobs for gain, tone and volume alongside two toggle switches for clipping and the Pre Drive. The clipping switch enables three choices for clipping diodes in the gain/clipping stage of the K-circuit. This greatly affects the response of the K-circuit, compression and the overall feel. 

We love Nordvang, and if you’re a tonehound like us then you’re going to love them too!

As always, you can buy with confidence from Peach Guitars. From meticulously inspecting each piece of equipment, professionally setting up each guitar, tracking every package, and delivering the best after-sales customer service, our team will do our best to make you feel welcome and offer genuine, professional advice.