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Peach Guitars | Checking out......Lowden F-50
02 Aug 2023

Peach Guitars | Checking out......Lowden F-50

02 Aug 2023

What can we say about Lowden that hasn’t been said a thousand times before, probably not a lot, they are widely considered to be the pinnacle of boutique acoustic guitar construction, and you know what, they probably are!

George Lowden’s impeccable artistry, masterful traditional craftsmanship and eye for considerate innovation have catapulted Lowden to a near untouchable position. We can’t get enough of them, even after the many hundreds or thousands that have passed through our store they still get us excited and each one reminds us why they are so great.

The flagship in the Lowden range is the F-50, an absolute masterpiece of an instrument, the F-50 delivers bold, clinical tone with intricate presentation and luxury timber selections. At the time of writing we have 4 stunning examples of the Lowden F-50, each one with its own unique flavour and personality.

You won’t find Master Grade timber like this anywhere else. How’s this for a tonewood combination, Master Grade African Blackwood and Master Grade Sinker Redwood, and if that wasn’t enough it’s complimented with a 5-piece Mahogany/Rosewood neck. This particular model is one of the finest examples we’ve ever encountered, check out the video below and I’m sure you’ll agree!

Our next model offers a slight spec variation, and man is it an exciting one! Ancient Bog Oak is one of the most incredible tonewoods going, hundreds, if not thousands of years old, this timber has generations of magic seeped into its pores. Offering a slightly warmer, more bass rich tone, this example has fantastic projection and punch.

We’ve also got a couple of glorious Spruce variations in stock too. Master Grade Alpine Spruce and Master Grade Lutz Spruce offer a more traditional aesthetic and a familiar, but no less impressive, natural tone. 

We’ve put together some great Lowden content over the years, and we’ve included a few of our videos above, give them a watch and then check out the product listings to the side. I’m fairly certain you’ll end up adding a Lowden or 2 to your list of dream purchases!

As always, you can buy with confidence from Peach Guitars. From meticulously inspecting each piece of equipment, professionally setting up each guitar, tracking every package, and delivering the best after-sales customer service, our team will do our best to make you feel welcome and offer genuine, professional advice.