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Peach Guitars | A closer look at the PRS Custom 24
12 Jul 2023
PRS Custom 24 - Purple Iris Pattern Thin PRS Custom 24 - Purple Iris Pattern Thin
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Peach Guitars | A closer look at the PRS Custom 24

12 Jul 2023

The PRS Custom 24, is it the most important guitar design of the last 35 years? Very possibly, it exists in a state of constant evolution and has found its own space as an alternative to the more traditional builds at the top of the game. 

PRS have long pushed the boundaries of guitar design, seeking to straddle that line between honouring the past and pushing forward to the horizon in search of new ideas. The Custom 24 is the flagship model in their roster and for over 35 years it has been a reliable and innovative option, pulling music from the fingers of everyone fortunate enough to play one.

But what is it about the Custom 24 that has captured our imaginations? Well, let's have a look and see!

Peach Guitars | A closer look at the PRS Custom 24

PRS always delivers when it comes to timber selection. With multiple tiers of build, Core Line, Wood Library, Private Stock, you always get the very best woods around. Typically, the Custom 24 comes with a Mahogany body with a variation of Maple (Flame and Quilt) based tops. The huge variety of iconic colours allows players to choose from classic finishes to the super vibrant, and they always complement the intricate nature of the wood top selection. You’re not short on options and somehow each individual finish gives this guitar a completely different visual character, it doesn’t just feel like the same guitar in another colour, far from it, each colour is so unique that you feel like you’re experiencing something different each time. 

Peach Guitars | A closer look at the PRS Custom 24

Paul Reed Smith has perfected the art of neck construction in a way that leaves others questioning whether the dark arts played some part, either way, there’s magic in a PRS neck. The Custom 24 neck is crafted from Mahogany and features a Rosewood fingerboard. Spec wise you’re looking at a 25” scale length, 24 frets, and a Pattern Thin profile, it’s familiar and lends itself to just about any style you can think of!

Utilising a duo of 85/15 pickups, the Custom 24 gives players superb tonal variation and they really maximise the guitars natural resonance and sustain. The extended high and low end range of the 85/15’s help deliver uncompromised clarity and performance. There’s a reason that the Custom 24 is considered the ultimate one stop solution for gigging musicians and the pickup selection is a key part of this.

We always carry a great selection of PRS guitars here at Peach Guitars, with Custom 24’s making up a large part of our collection. At the time of writing we’ve got some fantastic examples and we’ve also got a shedload of video content for you to feast your eyes on too, so check it out!

As always, you can buy with confidence from Peach Guitars. From meticulously inspecting each piece of equipment, professionally setting up each guitar, tracking every package, and delivering the best after-sales customer service, our team will do our best to make you feel welcome and offer genuine, professional advice.