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Gibson Peach European Exclusive | Gibson USA Flying V & SG
15 Jan 2024

Gibson Peach European Exclusive | Gibson USA Flying V & SG

15 Jan 2024

If all out balls-to-the-wall rock & roll is your thing, and let’s be honest, to some degree it’s all of our thing, then you are going to love what we’ve got for you!

An ass-kicking duo of Gibson USA’s. A sumptuous ‘61 SG and a ferocious ‘70s Flying V!

We’ve teamed up with our good friends at Gibson and are excited to present this awesome European Exclusive pairing. That’s right, you’ll only find these guitars right here at Peach Guitars!

Finished in an Ebony Nitrocellulose lacquer, these beauties perfectly capture the magic of these legendary guitars. They look intense, brooding and ready to rock!

The Gibson Flying V has always been one pretty radical guitar, initially launched back in '58 as part of Gibson's attempt to embrace futuristic design, it's been a players favourite ever since. Played by the likes of Lonnie Mack, Albert King and on occasion Hendrix, it's one cool cat.

Originally launched in 1961 as a temporary replacement for the single cutaway Les Paul, the SG gained favour with rock and blues players who were impressed by its innovative design. Now, the Gibson SG Standard 61 represents a great mix of early '60s vision with contemporary versatility and feel.

We could sit here and run you through all the specs, but we’d really encourage you to check out the video, these guitars sound incredible and they look fantastic on camera! If you click the listings to the left you’ll be able to check out all the details and even see our hi-res studio photography.

Gibson Peach European Exclusive | Gibson USA Flying V & SG

Housed in a Gibson hardshell case, these Gibson USA Peach European Exclusive guitars are just a small insight to our incredible Gibson USA range, and man, they are magnificent!

As always, you can buy with confidence from Peach Guitars. From meticulously inspecting each piece of equipment, professionally setting up each guitar, tracking every package, and delivering the best after-sales customer service, our team will do our best to make you feel welcome and offer genuine, professional advice.