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Nordvang Skyline
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Nordvang Skyline

Transparent Low Gain To Saturated TS-Style Overdrive w/Independent 18dB Clean Pre-Boost

Crafted on the renowned Timmeh topology, Skyline introduces elevated tweakability, transitioning seamlessly from low gain, transparent tones to classic saturated overdrive. Housed in a compact enclosure, it boasts stacked PCBs alongside multiple controls and switches for meticulous tone shaping. The boost circuit, pre-drive and independent, provides up to 18dB boost without tone colouration. Buffered bypass, switchable to true bypass, ensures optimal signal integrity. With high-quality components, Skyline promises a sonic journey of unparalleled overdrive possibilities.

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Introducing the Nordvang Skyline, a versatile pedal built upon the foundation of the renowned Timmeh topology. Designed to offer an extensive range of tones, the Skyline seamlessly transitions from a transparent, non-compressed sound to a classic saturated, mid-pushed TS style overdrive, and everything in between. With an additional clean boost feature, this pedal provides musicians with a plethora of sonic possibilities to explore.

Crafted with stacked PCBs in a compact Hammond 1590B3 enclosure, the Skyline incorporates an extra footswitch for a separate boost circuit, along with five knobs, one mini pot, and one toggle switch. Despite its powerful capabilities, it maintains a small footprint on your pedalboard.

The controls on the Skyline function intuitively, with the Gain, Tone, and Level knobs offering standard overdrive pedal adjustments. Additionally, the Lows control regulates the low-frequency response, while the Sat mini potentiometer adjusts high-frequency response, enhancing clarity and introducing grit and saturation.

For further customisation, the Skyline features dipswitches inside the enclosure, allowing meticulous tone shaping. These switches offer options for altering the high-cut parameter, selecting clipping diode settings, adjusting low-frequency cut-off parameters, and adding a mid-hump to the frequency response.

The boost circuit, positioned pre-drive, can be used independently and is designed to provide a clean boost of up to 18dB without altering your tone. With controls for gain adjustment and a three-position EQ toggle switch, the boost circuit offers versatility and flexibility.

Constructed with high-quality components including Vishay metal film resistors, WIMA audiophile capacitors, Taiway switches, and Pure-Tone jacks, the Skyline ensures exceptional sound quality and reliability. Additionally, the pedal offers switchable buffered bypass functionality, allowing musicians to choose between buffered or true bypass operation based on their preferences.

With meticulous design and a wide range of tonal options, the Nordvang Skyline promises an unparalleled overdrive experience, inviting musicians to unleash their creativity and embark on a sonic journey like no other.