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KingTone Guitar | Soloist
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KingTone Guitar

KingTone Guitar | Soloist

Now Featuring 4 External Dips - Colour-Changing LED - Protected Knobs - Custom CNC Case

The KingTone The Soloist is an exceptional overdrive pedal for guitarists seeking to elevate their tone with a versatile range of sounds from clean to heavy overdrive. Its key features include wide-range drive control, high output volume, and precise tone adjustments, with options like Edge, Stock, and Glass for varied top-end settings. The SRV MOD blends clean and overdrive signals for enhanced clarity, while the Amp-Like setting replicates cranked tube amp sounds. Practical enhancements such as a soft footswitch, protected knobs, customisable RGB LED indicator, and durable construction ensure ease of use and long-lasting performance, making The Soloist a powerful addition to any pedalboard.

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The KingTone The Soloist is an exceptional overdrive pedal designed for guitar players seeking to elevate their tone. This pedal offers a unique combination of power and control, allowing musicians to create a distinctive sound that stands out.

The Soloist excels in delivering a wide range of tones, from glassy clean sounds to rich, sustaining overdrive. It adds character and warmth to any guitar setup, enhancing clean amps or driving tube amps into lush, expressive overdrive. This versatility makes it an essential tool for any guitarist looking to enhance their tonal palette.

Key features of The Soloist include a wide-range drive control that spans from clean, amp-like tones to heavy overdrive. The high output volume control can push any amplifier into a pleasing breakup. The tone control allows precise adjustments of the frequency response, while the Body control adds low-end warmth often missing from other overdrive pedals. When maxed out, it provides chunky, fat riff tones ideal for rock and blues.

The pedal offers three top-end settings: Edge, Stock, and Glass. These settings let you switch between glassy tube sounds, warm classic drive tones, and full-on screaming tube-like overdrive. Additionally, the KingTone setting introduces an edgy vocal top end and chunky bass, while the $100,000 setting provides classic, asymmetrical, fuzzy lead tones reminiscent of vintage amps.

The Soloist also features the SRV MOD setting, which blends a clean signal with the overdrive to enhance clarity and dynamics. The Amp-Like setting replicates the sound of a wide-open cranked tube amp, boosting output and preserving the guitar's natural tone. This comprehensive set of features makes The Soloist a powerful addition to any guitarist's pedalboard.

In addition to its advanced tonal capabilities, the Blues Power offers practical enhancements for ease of use and durability. Features like the 'soft' footswitch, protected knobs, customisable RGB LED indicator, custom CNC aluminium enclosure, and laser-engraved control panel ensure a seamless user experience and long-lasting performance.