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KNA Pickups SG-2 | Acoustic Guitar Bridge Piezo w/Volume Control
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KNA Pickups

KNA Pickups SG-2 | Acoustic Guitar Bridge Piezo w/Volume Control

Installs Without Modification - Onboard Volume Knob - Natural Sound Without Battery - Complete w/Cables

The KNA SG-2 is a revolutionary piezo pickup designed for steel-string acoustic guitars, offering unparalleled convenience and performance. With its portable bridge-mounted design, installation is effortless and requires no modifications to the instrument. The onboard volume control empowers musicians to adjust their output signal directly from the pickup, ensuring optimal sound quality in any environment. Utilising a passive design, the SG-2 captures the natural essence of the guitar's sound without the need for batteries or complex wiring. Complete with essential cables for seamless connectivity, the SG-2 is a must-have accessory for guitarists seeking to amplify their acoustic performance.

 In Stock
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The SG-2 redefines simplicity and efficiency in guitar pickups. Its design focuses on preserving the natural sound of your instrument without necessitating any modifications. This acoustic bridge pickup seamlessly captures the rich tones of your guitar, ensuring an authentic audio experience for both live performances and studio recordings.

One of the SG-2's standout features is its effortless installation process. Positioned securely between the bridge saddle and pins, the pickup is held firmly in place by the tension of the tuned strings. This means no drilling, soldering, or alterations to your prized instrument. Musicians can rest assured that the SG-2 installation is not only hassle-free but also safe for their guitar.

The SG-2 has an onboard volume control. This feature empowers players to adjust their output signal directly from the pickup-mounted volume knob. Whether performing onstage or laying down tracks in the studio, musicians have full control over their sound, allowing for seamless adjustments to suit any environment or musical style.

The SG-2 boasts a passive design, eliminating the need for cumbersome batteries or complicated wiring setups. By harnessing the natural vibrations of the guitar strings, this pickup faithfully reproduces the instrument's organic sound, ensuring an authentic listening experience for both performers and audiences alike.

To further enhance user experience, the SG-2 comes complete with two essential cables. The package includes a 9-foot 1/8" to 1/4" cable and a 3-foot 1/8" to female 1/4" jumper equipped with a safety clip. These cables seamlessly integrate with your instrument cable, ensuring reliable connectivity and uninterrupted performance.

Its portable, user-friendly design, coupled with onboard volume control and seamless installation, makes it a must-have accessory for any guitarist seeking to easily record or gig their acoustic guitar.