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Ibanez EHB Workshop Basses | EHB1005SMS - 5-String Multi Scale - Metallic Grey Matte
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Ibanez EHB Workshop Basses | EHB1005SMS - 5-String Multi Scale - Metallic Grey Matte

Bartolini BH2 Passive Pickups - Vari-Mid 3-Band EQ w/Bypass Switch - 30"-32" Multi-Scale

Meet the Ibanez EHB1005SMS, a revolutionary bass guitar born from over 40 years of cutting-edge innovation by Ibanez. Crafted with an ergonomic body design for seamless playability whether seated or standing, its slanted body back and rounded edges ensure comfort during long performances. The lightweight, chambered American Basswood body, along with the Roasted Maple/Walnut neck, offers stability and a mesmerising visual appeal. The Bartolini BH2 pickups deliver a perfect balance of clarity and depth, while the Vari-Mid 3-Band EQ allows for extensive tonal versatility. With the MR5HS mono rail bridge, Schaller S-Lock strap pins, and a detachable Finger ramp, the EHB1005SMS is a masterpiece of innovation and artistry, empowering you to explore new sonic horizons with ease and precision. Elevate your musical journey with the Ibanez EHB1005SMS, where passion meets cutting-edge technology.

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Introducing the Ibanez EHB1005SMS, a cutting-edge masterpiece born from over 40 years of bass innovation and pushing the boundaries of conventional design. With an illustrious history of revolutionising bass playing and empowering musicians of all styles, Ibanez has become synonymous with unparalleled excellence in the world of bass guitars. And now, the brand embarks on an ongoing project, the Ibanez Bass Workshop, to bring forth revolutionary instruments that cater to the unique needs of passionate players like you.

At the heart of the EHB1005SMS lies an ergonomic body design, carefully crafted to ensure a seamless playing experience whether you're seated or standing. Embracing a headless construction and a specially designed body, this bass lets you maintain an optimal playing position with absolute comfort and ease. The top half of the back of the body is ingeniously slanted, allowing the bass to rest closer to your body, facilitating better control and an enhanced ergonomic feel that will empower you to play for hours on end without fatigue.

Crafted for ultimate comfort and balance, the EHB1005SMS boasts a contoured, chambered American Basswood body that reduces weight while retaining incredible resonance and tonal richness. This perfect marriage of design and materials ensures an instrument that remains steadfast during long sets or intense practice sessions. Moreover, the scoop cut on the body back allows for effortless upper fret access, unlocking new possibilities for your musical creativity.

The innovation continues with the 5-piece Roasted Maple/Walnut neck, fortified with Graphite reinforcement rods for unparalleled stability and resilience against the rigours of touring and climate changes. As a visual delight, the Roasted Birdseye Maple fretboard showcases a stunning wood grain that adds a touch of sophistication to your stage presence.

Your journey into the sonic realms reaches new heights with the inclusion of Bartolini BH2 pickups, finely tuned to strike the perfect balance between clarity and depth. Enjoy exceptional mid and low-end warmth, all without any muddiness. Thanks to the long-blade pole pieces, these dual-coil pickups exhibit a hum-free single-coil-style character, providing consistency in your tone no matter the environment. Harness the power of sonic manipulation with the Vari-Mid 3-Band EQ featuring a variable mid-frequency control, granting you access to a vast array of tones limited only by your imagination. For an added touch of versatility, the EQ bypass switch enables passive operation, with the treble control doubling as a tone control when the EQ is bypassed.

The EHB1005SMS ensures rock-solid tuning and intonation with the MR5HS mono rail bridge, designed specifically for this bass. Each bridge piece is independently attached to the body, allowing for maximum vibration transfer, while adjustable saddles accommodate individual string spacing preferences, catering to every playing style. Teflon washers on each tuner ensure smooth and precise tuning, so you stay perfectly in tune throughout your performances.

Practicality meets innovation with the inclusion of Schaller S-Lock strap lock pins and a Neutrik locking jack. These features keep your strap and cable securely fastened, so you can focus solely on your music without any distractions. For finger-picking enthusiasts, a detachable Finger ramp is thoughtfully provided, ensuring optimal comfort and control during your performances.

With the Ibanez EHB1005SMS, you hold the key to unlocking new sonic dimensions. This bass is not just an instrument; it's an extension of your creativity, fuelling your passion for exploration and expression. Experience the future of bass playing with the Ibanez EHB1005SMS - where innovation meets artistry to elevate your musical journey like never before.