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Gretsch G6228FM Players Edition Jet BT | Dark Cherry Stain

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Gretsch G6228FM Players Edition Jet BT | Dark Cherry Stain

Powerful Tones Ignite - The Exquisite Flame-Top Jet BT

The G6228FM Players Edition Jet BT Single-Cut is a powerhouse guitar offering power, fidelity, and complete tonal control. Its chambered mahogany body with a flame maple top delivers a balanced mid-range and rich harmonics. Equipped with Broad'Tron BT65 pickups, it offers powerful overdrive and sparkling cleans. Designed with player comfort in mind, it features a lowered neck set, full-access cutaway, and tapered heel. With additional control features, including individual pickup volumes, it allows for a customised playing experience. Unleash your musical potential with the Jet BT.

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Introducing the all-new G6228FM Players Edition Jet BT Single-Cut with V-Stoptail and Flame Maple. This exceptional guitar is a powerhouse of power, fidelity, and complete tonal control. With the stomp of a switch, you'll experience a range of mind-blowing overdrive and sparkling cleans that will leave you in awe.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Jet BT features a chambered mahogany body with a tiger flame maple top. This combination produces a balanced mid-range and an acoustically rich sound that will captivate your ears. The chambered body design ensures a smooth attack and an extended bandwidth that is wide and harmonically rich.

Equipped with the incredible Broad'Tron BT65 pickups, designed by renowned Tim Shaw, the Jet BT delivers unparalleled power and fidelity. These pickups faithfully capture the guitar's sonic palette, delivering powerful mids, extended lows, and a clear, smooth high-end. Whether you crave searing overdrive or pristine cleans, the Jet BT has got you covered.

But it's not just about sound; it's also about comfort and performance. The Jet BT is designed with players in mind, featuring a lowered neck set for improved fret-hand mobility and a closer approach for the picking hand. The full-access rolled cutaway and tapered heel allow easy access to the upper frets without any hindrance. These player-centric features ensure that your playing experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Total control of your tone and performance is at your fingertips with the Jet BT. It boasts a no-load master tone pot with a Squeezebox capacitor, a master volume with a treble bleed circuit, and individual pickup volume controls. This level of control allows you to fine-tune your sound to perfection and unleash your musical creativity.

In summary, the G6228FM Players Edition Jet BT Single-Cut with V-Stoptail and Flame Maple is a guitar that offers power, fidelity, and complete tonal control. From searing overdrive to shimmering cleans, this guitar can do it all. With its chambered mahogany body, Broad'Tron BT65 pickups, and player-centric design, it delivers a remarkable playing experience. Take command of your tone and unleash your musical potential with the Jet BT.