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Fulltone Standard Line Clyde Deluxe | Wah

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Fulltone Standard Line Clyde Deluxe | Wah

Clyde McCoy Style Wah w/3 Voices & Mods

The Clyde is born from taking the best of the best of Michael Fuller's more than twenty-five vintage Vox wahs and analysing every aspect, going so far as sacrificing a few of the vintage inductors to get it right. The problem with the old inductors is that they're generic industrial-grade cheapos that vary as much as 30% in tolerance. Some of the Voxs measured in at @360mH when they are supposed to be 500. Michael Fuller likes them around 560mH and has deconstructed and blueprinted every aspect of vintage wah inductors, circuits and potentiometers. His inductors are custom made and have been for fifteen plus years.

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Fulltones inductor is a tuned-core hand-made unit, using exactly the same type of wire and inductance as the 60s era Vox, except very consistent from one unit to the next. A tuned-core inductor is much more expensive to make but the end result is worth it. The inductors also have a unique MuMetal cover that rejects all of the stray hum fields that work their way in to some other wah wahs, creating that horrible 60 cycle hum. The Clyde is VERY quiet because of this.

Fulltones Potentiometer: the most overlooked part of the circuit, is one of the keys to a good wah-wah sound and there hasn't been a proper tapered pot, since the '60's Icar in any major manufacturer's wah. This is one of the reasons the '70's, '80's, and '90's wahs are sometimes mediocre. Fulltoness has a triple-screened carbon-composition track giving a 500,000 turn lifespan instead of the standard industry 10,000. 

The "Clyde" uses Fulltone's own custom-made 14 ga. welded steel pedal with nylon pivot points and much more travel than the conventional Vox-style ones that are often used. It has nylok nuts so you can adjust the tension of the treadle, and it stays that way until you change it. As with other Fulltone pedals, the "Clyde" has true bypass switching so that when it's "off" it's not colouring your sound or ruining the performance of other pedals in your signal chain. The unit has a tough steel bottom-plate with huge rubber feet and nickel-plated bolts. The Clyde also has a standard 2.1mm negative tip AC adapter port with anti-hum filtering and protection diode.

  • Wacked is reminiscent of the old Colorsound wahs, more of a 'woooooowww' with extremely deep bass response. A radical change from the standard wah tones you're used to.
  • Jimi is Fulltones benchmark recreation of the late 60s Vox Clyde McCoy wah wah as used by you-know-who and Eric Clapton circa Cream.
  • Shaft shifts the whole range up a little to capture the 70s sounds heard on all those funk classics and cheesy movie soundtracks!

The three-way mode switch and variable input control pot will let you dial in almost any type of wah sound you can imagine. All the way from classic Voodoo Chile, to biting funk, to down and dirty low-end grunt. The CLYDE Deluxe can do it all!