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Fender Pedals | Shields Blender - Brushed Aluminum
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Fender Pedals | Shields Blender - Brushed Aluminum

Based On Kevin Shields' Moddified Fender Blender - Fuzz Blended With Dry Signal Or Monophonic Suboctave Fuzz

The Fender Shields Blender is a tribute to Kevin Shields' groundbreaking guitar tones, offering a vintage 1970s Fender Blender circuit with modern performance features. Four footswitches control two fuzz channels, clean signal blending, and suboctave fuzz, while a dynamic sag circuit adds unique fuzz dynamics. This pedal brings classic fuzz into the future with LED indicators and 9V DC power, ideal for both stage and studio.

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The Fender Shields Blender stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of Kevin Shields, a driving force behind the distinctive guitar tones that defined alternative rock in the '80s and '90s. Rooted in the legendary Fender Blender effect pedal, this creation is the result of over four years of collaboration between Fender and Shields, devoid of any flashy sales pitches but packed with authentic sonic prowess.

At its core, the Fender Shields Blender faithfully recreates the vintage 1970s Fender Blender circuit, painstakingly traced from Kevin Shields' own fuzz box. It retains the dynamic response and captivating fuzz splatter that made the original legendary. However, this pedal doesn't just rest on nostalgia; it introduces a subversive feature set designed for performance.

With four easily accessible footswitches, this pedal offers two fuzz channels, each with its dedicated level controls. This allows you to blend the fuzz with your clean signal or combine it with a meaty suboctave fuzz, giving you a wide spectrum of tonal possibilities. The sag footswitch introduces entirely unique sputtering and ducking effects, all tied to your playing dynamics, delivering controlled chaos in your sound.

The Fender Shields Blender also brings in an Octave-Up push button, unlocking new vintage fuzz dimensions. The Octave Footswitch toggles between two fuzz channels, one blending with your clean signal and the other with a monophonic suboctave fuzz. Using the Volume and Blend knobs, you can finely tune the balance between clean and fuzz signals to craft your distinct tones. The Fuzz and Octave knobs let you further shape your sound, offering options for double or even triple octave fuzz.

What sets this pedal apart is the revolutionary sag circuit, which employs dynamic sensing circuitry to create imploding fuzz tones. It responds to your picking intensity, manipulating the transistor power to deliver unprecedented controlled chaos.

Despite its vintage roots, the Fender Shields Blender incorporates modern convenience with LED indicators and a 9V DC power jack. It maintains the iconic brushed aluminium chassis with vinyl touches for that classic look.

With four footswitches at your command, the Fender Shields Blender offers a wealth of fuzz tones and effects, whether you're playing to a massive audience or crafting your sound in the home studio.