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Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster | Ebony - Flat Black
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Jim Root Signature - EMG 81 & 60 Active Humbucker Pickups - Compound 12"-16" Radius

Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster | Ebony - Flat Black

Jim Root Signature - EMG 81 & 60 Active Humbucker Pickups - Compound 12"-16" Radius

Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster | Ebony - Flat Black
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Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster | Ebony - Flat Black

Jim Root Signature - EMG 81 & 60 Active Humbucker Pickups - Compound 12"-16" Radius

Discover the Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster, a minimalist powerhouse designed in collaboration with Slipknot's Jim Root. Stripped of unnecessary features, it offers a streamlined design with EMG humbuckers, a single control knob, and a hardtail bridge. With its menacing appearance and bone-crushing tones, this guitar is a force to be reckoned with. Unleash your creativity and embrace simplicity with the Jim Root Jazzmaster.

£1,750.99 or
US23102953 - 9lb 1oz
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Introducing the Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster, a guitar that exudes a sense of darkness and power like no other. Meticulously designed in collaboration with the legendary Slipknot guitarist, this instrument represents the pinnacle of minimalist sophistication in the Jazzmaster's extensive fifty-year history. Every element has been carefully stripped down and reimagined to meet Jim Root's exacting specifications.

Say goodbye to the conventional dual tone circuits and overwhelming array of controls that clutter the traditional Jazzmaster. In their place, you'll find only the essentials, perfectly tailored to deliver the bone-crushing tones that define Jim Root's signature sound. Equipped with fearsome EMG humbucker pickups, adorned with sleek brushed nickel covers, this guitar unleashes a sonic assault like no other. The EMG 60 in the neck position delivers a warm and articulate tone, while the EMG 81 in the bridge position provides searing high-gain aggression.

Embracing a minimalist aesthetic, the Jim Root Jazzmaster features a streamlined design that reflects its powerful nature. The absence of fret position markers and the elimination of the iconic chrome bridge are deliberate choices made to enhance the guitar's sleek and menacing appearance. However, rest assured that playability has not been compromised. The contoured neck heel ensures easy access to the upper frets, allowing you to effortlessly explore the instrument's full range.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Jim Root Jazzmaster boasts a sturdy mahogany body that resonates with rich warmth and sustain. The smooth maple neck with its comfortable "C"-shaped profile and large headstock exudes a sense of authority and stability. The compound-radius ebony fingerboard offers a sublime playing experience, transitioning from a comfortable 12" radius at the lower frets to a more shredder-friendly 16" radius as you ascend the neck. With 22 jumbo frets and discreet side-dot inlays, your fingers will effortlessly glide across the fretboard, unhindered by visual distractions.

The Jim Root Jazzmaster's hardware selection is as deliberate as every other aspect of this remarkable instrument. The hardtail bridge ensures maximum sustain and stability, allowing you to unleash your playing with confidence. This bridge design also enables seamless string-through-body construction, enhancing resonance and harmonics for an unparalleled sonic experience.

In summary, the Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster is a testament to the power of simplicity. It is a guitar meticulously crafted to meet the uncompromising demands of one of metal's most influential guitarists. From its striking appearance to its fearsome tone and impeccable playability, every aspect of this instrument has been carefully considered and refined. Unleash your inner darkness and explore new sonic realms with the Jim Root Jazzmaster.