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Cornerstone Colosseum | Blues Breaker/Klon-Style Dual Overdrive

Collaboratively Crafted Mastery: The Ultimate Dual Overdrive Experience

Cornerstone Colosseum | Blues Breaker/Klon-Style Dual Overdrive

Collaboratively Crafted Mastery: The Ultimate Dual Overdrive Experience

Cornerstone Colosseum | Blues Breaker/Klon-Style Dual Overdrive

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Cornerstone Colosseum | Blues Breaker/Klon-Style Dual Overdrive

Collaboratively Crafted Mastery: The Ultimate Dual Overdrive Experience

Experience the groundbreaking Colosseum, the first-ever Community Pedal from Cornerstone. Meticulously designed with the input of their devoted followers and the Cornerstone Community, this dual overdrive pedal combines the best elements of the Blues Breaker and Klon circuits. The Colosseum offers an enhanced Blues Breaker side with no clipping diodes, a signature Clean control, and outstanding touch sensitivity. On the Klon side, explore the legendary sound with a twist - Germanium diodes, hand-selected silicon diodes, and the innovative clip blender. With versatile connectivity options and a toggle switch for seamless channel switching, the Colosseum is a must-have for any discerning guitarist. Rediscover classic ODs and unlock new tonal possibilities with the Colosseum.

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Introducing the Colosseum, the first-ever Community Pedal brought to you by Cornerstone! This exceptional pedal is the culmination of input and feedback from the devoted Cornerstone followers and the esteemed supporters in the Cornerstone Community. Cornerstone couldn't be prouder to present a pedal where the people have played a significant role in its design process.

So, what makes the Colosseum so extraordinary? It's a dual overdrive pedal that combines the essence of the revered Blues Breaker and Klon circuits. While they meticulously studied the original pedals, including an authentic Klon, the Colosseum isn't just a mere replication of these circuits in the same enclosure.

Let's delve into its remarkable features. On the Blues Breaker side, Cornerstone have taken it to a whole new level. By removing the clipping diodes and fine-tuning the tone controls, they've addressed the common "issues" associated with the classic BB, such as low volume and a dark tone. They've also incorporated their "signature" Clean control from the Gladio, allowing you to blend the clean sound with the overdriven signal for unparalleled tonal versatility. Experience enhanced touch sensitivity, especially on pick attack, and the restoration of the bottom end from your original clean sound.

Now, let's talk about the new Klon's magic. Cornerstone have stayed faithful to its renowned legacy, utilising the elusive 1N34A Germanium diodes, meticulously measuring and selecting those with the correct forward voltage. However, they've added an exciting twist: a pair of hand-selected silicon diodes and the innovative clip blender feature. With this blend option, you'll unlock a vast range of tonal flexibility, discovering an entirely new flavour of Klon at your feet, while still being able to capture the essence of the original.

But there's more! The Colosseum embraces the spirit of collaboration with loop lovers in mind. With four jacks at the back, you can connect each side of the pedal to your favourite loop switcher, utilising the sides independently or incorporating other pedals in between. This is particularly convenient if you want to utilise the Klon as a boost, you can route the signal out of the Blues Breaker side and into any other pedals you desire, and then back into the Klon after the central pedals, which is great.

And that's not all - Cornerstone's thoughtful design includes a convenient toggle switch that effortlessly changes the order of the two channels, offering a multitude of inspiring tone variations.

Join forces with the Community and the Cornerstone team as we invite you to rediscover the timeless ODs with the Colosseum. Elevate your playing to new heights with this exceptional pedal.