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Universal Audio UAFX Guitar Pedals | 1176 Studio Compressor
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Universal Audio

Universal Audio UAFX Guitar Pedals | 1176 Studio Compressor

The Definitive UA 1176 Compressor, Now On Your Pedalboard

Unleash the UAFX 1176 Studio Compressor - where vintage elegance meets cutting-edge innovation. This pedal encapsulates the iconic UA 1176 compression, delivering punchy tones reminiscent of classic records. With three compression modes and renowned controls, it's your gateway to timeless sound transformation. Elevate your musical journey today.

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Introducing the UAFX 1176 Studio Compressor: Your Gateway to Legendary Sound Transformation!

Revolutionise your sound with the UAFX 1176 Studio Compressor, a groundbreaking guitar effects pedal that encapsulates the unparalleled audio prowess of the iconic UA 1176 compression. This pedal transcends conventional boundaries, offering a triumphant fusion of vintage elegance and cutting-edge innovation. Whether you're a professional musician, an avid studio producer, or a dedicated tone enthusiast, the 1176 Studio Compressor is engineered to transform your auditory experience.

Imagine a realm where every musical note resonates with historical significance. The UAFX 1176 Studio Compressor is a homage to the Universal Audio 1176, a time-honoured audio limiting champion that has etched its sonorous fingerprint onto more classic records than any other compressor in existence. First introduced in 1967, the 1176 has transcended the limitations of its era, continuing to reign as the ultimate hallmark of sonic precision.

At the heart of the 1176 Studio Compressor lies the formidable UAFX engine, a technological marvel that empowers you to harness the same punchy and expressive tones revered by audio aficionados worldwide. This engineering marvel, meticulously distilled into a compact stompbox, delivers the quintessential essence of the revered hardware, ensuring your musical journey is paved with the rich timbres of a bygone era.

Unlock a trinity of world-renowned sounds within a single pedal. The 1176 Studio Compressor's innovation knows no bounds, offering three distinct compression modes: Single, Dual, and Sustain. This versatile trifecta emboldens you to explore an extensive spectrum of auditory possibilities. Whether you're craving the subtle caress of a solo 1176 or the ethereal sustenance of dual units operating in harmonious synergy akin to Lowell George's finesse, this pedal empowers you to encapsulate the very essence of auditory excellence.

Prepare to transcend the constraints of traditional tonality. The 1176 Studio Compressor breathes life into your clean tones, infusing them with an iconic squeeze that transcends genre limitations. Navigate your sonic voyage with unparalleled finesse through the meticulously designed Attack and Release controls. Delve into the infinite Ratio settings, including the renowned "all buttons in" mode that bequeaths your compositions with a tapestry of sonorous textures, reminiscent of a gritty, yet captivating era.

Experience seamless transitions between stage and studio domains. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to longevity and performance, the 1176 Studio Compressor features switchable true/buffered bypass and a revolutionary parallel compression mode. Encased within a pedalboard-friendly chassis, this masterpiece ensures that elevating your effects chain to unprecedented heights is not a mere aspiration, but an effortless reality.

Elevate your musical odyssey with the UAFX 1176 Studio Compressor. A masterpiece that marries the legacy of the past with the innovation of the future, it stands as an embodiment of artistic expression and sonic exploration. Unshackle your sound, and immerse yourself in the euphonic euphoria that the 1176 Studio Compressor guarantees.