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Pedal Pawn Texan Twang | Texas Ranger Style Custom Boost/Overdrive
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Pedal Pawn

Pedal Pawn Texan Twang | Texas Ranger Style Custom Boost/Overdrive

Captivating Texan Twang: Pedal Pawn's Tonal Masterpiece

Unleash legendary SRV tones with the Pedal Pawn Texan Twang! This custom boost/overdrive pedal is meticulously crafted to deliver glassy clean tones when you roll back your guitar's volume knob, while cranking it up produces the Texan Twang you've been searching for. With a versatile 3-way rotary switch, interactive clean-up, and handcrafted UK construction, this pedal is a true tone-shaping masterpiece. Get yours today from Peach Guitars and elevate your guitar playing to new heights!

 In Stock
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Introducing the Texan Twang by Pedal Pawn, a remarkable creation that embodies the soulful essence of a certain Texan guitarist's legendary "Twang" in a single, compact box! This extraordinary pedal is the result of a lifelong pursuit to capture the distinct sound that has enchanted guitar enthusiasts worldwide. Countless hours of meticulous tweaking and relentless dedication have gone into perfecting the Texan Twang, driven by an overwhelming demand from musicians like you. Pedal Pawn listened to your impassioned requests, channelled their own musical sensibilities from having Stevie Ray Vaughan's timeless tunes on repeat for two decades, all to bring you the ultimate tone-shaping tool – the Pedal Pawn Texan Twang.

At its core, the Texan Twang is a custom boost/overdrive circuit meticulously fine-tuned to deliver an abundance of glassy clean-up, precisely tailored to those magical moments when you roll back your guitar's volume knob. Every twist and turn of that knob unveils a universe of tonal possibilities, allowing you to effortlessly summon the purest and most captivating clean tones you've ever experienced. But that's not all! Cranking up the volume knob reveals the Texan Twang in all its glory, unlocking the very essence of Pedal Pawn's lifelong quest for that elusive Texan Twang.

This extraordinary pedal boasts a range of features designed to empower your sonic journey. With its versatile 3-way rotary switch, you can effortlessly explore three distinct settings - Hi (Glass/Bite), Mid (Fat/Tube), and Lo (Growl/Wood) - each one meticulously crafted to evoke the spirit of the Lone Star State's most cherished guitar tones. Moreover, the Texan Twang offers a completely interactive clean-up experience, where the pedal responds dynamically to every nuance of your guitar's volume knob. Handcrafted in the UK with unparalleled attention to detail, this pedal embodies the perfect fusion of craft skills and sonic artistry.

Powering the Texan Twang is a breeze, thanks to its standard 9V power input or battery connection, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup. And rest assured, your tone remains unadulterated when the pedal is not in use, thanks to its true bypass switching, offering pristine signal integrity and no tonal compromise.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Experience the captivating magic of the Texan Twang by Pedal Pawn, and unlock a new realm of sonic possibilities that will leave you spellbound. Join the countless guitarists who have already made their mark with this phenomenal pedal. Visit Peach Guitars today and seize your chance to own the Texan Twang, the definitive tool for achieving the iconic Texan sound.