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22 Feb 2018

Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box

22 Feb 2018

Universal Audio are right at the top of their game, as industry leaders for digital recording equipment they constantly push the boundaries with their innovative designs. Built on an extensive and highly successful history building analogue recording gear, UA equipment can be found in some of the world’s finest studios. Not only do they cater for the very best but they deliver gear that is comprehensive and accessible for the everyday home studio aficionado. Their latest release, the hotly anticipated UA OX, is one product that is sure to generate a lot of interest!


Most of us will agree that there is no better sound than that of a valve amp pushed to the brink, that sweet spot where your amp is operating at peak efficiency and delivering those delicious tones we all crave. It’s what we strive for; the ultimate reward for all the time and money spent chasing the holy grail of tone. But how often can you unleash your amp like that?

Without the use of expensive microphones and preamps it can be an almost impossible task to capture that tone on track. Even then valve amps are notoriously difficult beasts to tame, and during live performance it can be even more difficult to get that killer tone down.

Enter the Universal Audio Ox Amp Top Box, a premium analogue reactive load box and guitar recording system that delivers studio quality mic’d amp sounds from your tube amp. The OX allows you to manipulate your sound to find the sweet spots of your amp and comfortably play and record at any volume level.

Thanks to the Dynamic Speaker Modelling, the OX is the first device to accurately emulate speaker drive, breakup and cone cry. You can control harmonics and nuances that only occur at certain frequencies and volumes, giving you the same sonic response as an actual speaker cabinet.

Using the OX software you can choose from 17 different cab/speaker variations and multiple mics and positions, each available for tweaking and editing via Wi-Fi. It’s super easy to navigate and your pre-sets can be recalled using the RIG control on the front panel.

There are 5 built in attenuation levels which have been finely tuned for any situation, from full band loud to whisper quiet, it retains all the dynamics and response just at a more manageable volume. With world class built in effects such as delay, compression, reverb and a detailed EQ, this is a one stop shop for guitar recording.

We’re so excited by the potential of this little box of tricks that we are going to be using one in our video studio. The UA OX Box is the future of guitar recording, it’s never been easier to sound great at home, in the studio or on the road!