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Peach Guitars | Video Department Announcement
06 Apr 2023

Peach Guitars | Video Department Announcement

06 Apr 2023

If you’re a keen observer of all things Peach Guitars, you’re probably going to have seen the video below already, if you haven’t, what are you waiting for!

Yes folks, it’s true, our friend and comrade Jack Griffiths, star of the Peach Guitars Youtube channel is departing. Jack has led the line admirably for the Peach Guitars video department for over 5 years now, treating us to thousands and thousands of hours of fantastic guitar content.

Jack is an incredible player and we’ve loved every minute of getting to enjoy his talents up close. Players of Jack’s calibre are few and far between, and to experience it first hand has been a real treat, as I’m sure you guys will agree! His impeccable technique is matched by his equally impressive ability to deliver something fresh for each and every guitar he plays, allowing each instrument to tell its own story. 

We’d just like to take a moment to thank Jack publicly. It’s been a blast, and although we’re disappointed to see you go we’re eager to see where your talents might take you next, we all hope that you hit the heights that your ability and attitude deserve! Here’s to you, Mr Jack Griffiths, we wish you all the best, friend!

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite Jack videos below, we’re sure you’ve seen them all before, but why not enjoy them all again! These, and all of Jack’s videos will of course remain on the Peach Guitars channel going forward so anytime you’re feeling nostalgic for Jack’s playing, you know where to head! We’ve also got literally weeks of unreleased material scheduled up for release, so even though Jack is moving on, you’ll still see plenty of him on our channel for the foreseeable future!

As both Jack and John stated in the video, there are absolutely no bad feelings here, we’d love Jack to stay and Jack would love to stay, but the life of a musician can be a hectic one and at this point it’s important that Jack can focus on his playing.

What does this mean for Peach Guitars? Well, that’s the exciting bit! We’re as committed as ever to producing the quality and quantity of content that you guys are used to, and we’re wholeheartedly looking to continue this. We’ve got plans and ideas aplenty and we’re excited to bring you this next phase in Peach Guitars Youtube history!