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Lehle FX Loopers | Little Lehle III
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Lehle FX Loopers | Little Lehle III

Versatile Switching & Looping Tool, Supports Mono & Stereo Configs, Precise & Quiet Switching

In summary, the Little Lehle III is a versatile and reliable switching and looping tool designed to maintain the integrity of your guitar signal, with the added flexibility of supporting both mono and stereo configurations. It offers precise and quiet switching between instruments, effects, and amplifiers, making it a valuable addition to a guitarist's setup.

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The Little Lehle III is a versatile switching and looping tool designed for guitarists with great functionality:

  1. True Bypass Effects Looper and AB Switch: The Little Lehle III allows you to remove effects pedals from your signal path with the press of a button, ensuring your signal remains clean and unaltered when the effect is bypassed.

  2. Hum-Free and Noiseless Switching: It offers noiseless switching to prevent unwanted noise or hum when toggling between different signal sources or effects.

  3. Three Operating Modes: The device offers three different operating modes - Latching, Momentary, and Mixed Mode. This allows for various switching options, including short or rhythmic stutter effects.

  4. Mono and Stereo Functionality: It supports both mono and stereo signals, making it suitable for a wide range of instruments and effects units. You can integrate an effects pedal with a mono input and stereo output into the signal path without limitations.

  5. Active Pop Suppression Circuit: The Little Lehle III uses an active pop suppression circuit to ensure quick, quiet, and smooth switching, faster than mechanical switches, and without wear or popping sounds.

  6. Stereo Signal and Earth Switching: It not only switches the stereo signal but also the earth connection, eliminating hum when switching between two amps or selecting effect loops.

  7. Durable Construction: The mushroom-shaped button is designed for easy action and is mounted in the cover, which indirectly transmits foot pressure to the circuit board via a specialised spring, giving silent and wear-free operation. This design makes the Little Lehle III virtually indestructible, ensuring years of trouble-free switching.

  8. Gold-Plated Relays and Switches: The device uses gold-plated relays and slide switches to ensure reliable and loss-free switching of low-level signals from electric guitars and basses.

  9. Stereo Compatibility: The device is suitable for routing dual-channel stereo signals, making it ideal for instruments with multiple pickup systems or effects units with stereo outputs.

  10. No Hum Loops: Little Lehle III eliminates hum loops when switching between different signal sources without the risk of simultaneously activating two amps.