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Ibanez Signature Models | KRYS10 - Scott LePage (Polyphia) - Gold Top
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Ibanez Signature Models | KRYS10 - Scott LePage (Polyphia) - Gold Top

Fishman Fluence Scott LePage Custom Series Pickups w/3-Way Voicing Switch - Gotoh T1502 Trem

Meet the Ibanez KRYS10 - a guitar built to elevate your playing experience! Featuring a Roasted Maple neck for stability, Graphite reinforcement rods for massive sustain, and an Ebony fretboard for quick response and rich sustain, this guitar offers unmatched playability and tonal versatility. The Fishman Fluence pickups, voiced by Scott LePage, deliver a range of aggressive tones to vintage single-coil combinations, and the Voicing switch adds even more sonic options. With a Gotoh T1502 tremolo bridge, Gotoh MG-T locking machine heads, and luminescent side dot inlays, the KRYS10 is the ultimate tool for modern musicians. Elevate your music with the Ibanez KRYS10 - your dream guitar is here!

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Introducing the Ibanez KRYS10, a guitar designed to elevate your playing experience to new heights! Crafted with precision and innovation, this guitar boasts top-notch features that will entice even the most discerning musicians.

At the heart of this instrument lies the Oval C Roasted Maple neck, meticulously heat-treated to increase stability, durability, moisture resistance, and temperature tolerance. This means you can confidently take your guitar on the road, in the studio, or wherever your musical journey leads you. But that's not all - the neck also incorporates Graphite reinforcement rods, ensuring massive sustain and exceptional stability, even under the most aggressive playing styles.

The Ebony fretboard is a standout feature that truly sets this guitar apart. Known for producing tight lows and mid-range with a powerful attack in the high end, Ebony offers a quick response and rich sustain, granting you the ability to articulate every note with clarity and precision.

For those seeking versatility and ease of playability, the Ibanez KRYS10 delivers on all fronts. With 24 Jumbo Stainless Steel frets, you have the freedom to explore a vast tonal range and effortlessly navigate the fretboard.

The Ash body further enhances this guitar's sonic character, delivering a pleasant brightness and rich sustain. No matter your playing style or musical genre, the KRYS10 ensures you have the perfect canvas to express yourself with authenticity and emotion.

One of the most exciting features of the KRYS10 is its specially-designed Fishman Fluence pickups, customised by none other than Scott LePage himself. These pickups cover a wide spectrum of tones, ranging from aggressive lead and rhythm sounds to vintage single-coil combinations. The Neck Pickup offers two distinct voices: Voice 1, the elusive PAF neck tone with the ideal dynamics and output level, and Voice 2, a Fluence-exclusive neck tone with unreal highs, vocal midrange, and tight lows. In addition, Voice 3 delivers a clear, vintage single-coil tone that adds versatility to your sound palette. Similarly, the Bridge Pickup provides Voice 1, a calibrated vintage PAF bridge humbucker tone at the perfect output level, Voice 2, the quintessential hot-rodded bridge humbucker tone without excess baggage, and Voice 3, which presents slightly overwound single-coil tones for added tonal variety.

With the Fishman Fluence Voicing switch, you have the power to seamlessly transition between the three musically-complimentary voices, including single-coil variations of each pickup. This level of flexibility empowers you to explore diverse sonic landscapes, adapt to various musical genres, and capture the perfect tone for every performance.

The Ibanez KRYS10 is also equipped with a Gotoh T1502 tremolo bridge, featuring steel saddles and a die-cast zinc tremolo block. This combination ensures quick response and improved articulation, granting you precise control over your pitch modulation. With a 10.5mm string spacing, playing across strings becomes a breeze, and the snap-in construction allows you to easily load a tremolo arm, adding expressive depth to your playing.

Lastly, we couldn't overlook the significance of the Gotoh MG-T locking machine heads, which enhance tuning stability and provide a smooth and reliable tuning experience, so you can focus on your performance without worrying about tuning issues.

In low-light conditions or on dark stages, the luminescent side dot inlays come to the rescue, offering visibility and aiding your fretboard navigation, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Overall, the Ibanez KRYS10 is an exquisite guitar designed for the modern musician who seeks unparalleled playability, tonal versatility, and stage-ready reliability. With its superior craftsmanship, innovative features, and the stamp of approval from the talented Scott LePage, this guitar is your gateway to limitless creativity and sonic exploration. Elevate your music to the next level with the Ibanez KRYS10 - your dream guitar awaits!