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Eastman Acoustic Traditional Solid Special | E1OMCE-Special - Natural
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Eastman Acoustic Traditional Solid Special | E1OMCE-Special - Natural

Solid Thermo-Cured Sitka Spruce Top, Solid Quilted Sapele Back & Sides

Introducing the all-new E1OMCE-Special, a remarkable addition to Eastman's acclaimed E1 range. With its stunning Truetone Gloss finish, this guitar represents a significant leap forward for the series, surpassing the traditional satin finish in both aesthetics and performance. Crafted with exquisite Quilted Sapele back and sides and a Thermo-Cured Sitka spruce top, this all-solid instrument delivers the desired warmth and projection. The Torrefied top treatment gives it a vintage charm, reminiscent of pre-war classics. Inspired by the Soloist model by Bourgeois Guitars, the E1OMCE-Special combines the timeless appeal of the OM shape with modern innovation, making it a must-have for discerning musicians. With the Fishman Sonitone system seamlessly integrated into the E1OMCE-Special, you can easily amplify your performances, ensuring crystal-clear sound projection and exceptional tonal balance in any live or studio setting.

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Introducing the all-new E1OMCE-Special, the latest addition to Eastman's esteemed E1 range. This next-generation model showcases the revolutionary Truetone Gloss finish, marking a remarkable advancement for the series. Departing from the traditional satin finish, this guitar exudes elegance and sophistication with its glossy allure. But it's not just about the appearance; the E1OMCE-Special boasts an exceptional combination of premium tonewoods. The exquisite Quilted Sapele back and sides, adorned with a visually captivating Herringbone rosette, perfectly complement the Thermo-Cured Sitka spruce top. This meticulously crafted solid wood construction guarantees unparalleled projection and warmth, delivering a truly immersive acoustic experience.

A noteworthy feature of the E1OMCE-Special lies in its innovative top treatment. For years, Eastman has pursued the desire to impart an aged aesthetic to their acoustic guitars, but previous attempts fell short and were not used, resembling artificial tans rather than vintage treasures. However, the introduction of Torrefied tops has brought this dream to life. The torrefaction process imbues the guitar's top with the character and resonance reminiscent of pre-war classics, allowing you to channel the timeless essence of those iconic instruments.

This extraordinary model goes beyond the confines of Eastman's expertise, drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Soloist model by Bourgeois Guitars. The Soloist, born from the vision of renowned guitarist Eric Schoenberg, introduced a soft and minimalist cutaway to the world of OM guitars. Dana Bourgeois, in collaboration with Schoenberg, established Schoenberg Guitars and partnered with C.F. Martin to bring the Soloist to fruition, making it the first cutaway guitar to emerge from Martin's legendary Nazareth workshop. Notably, this groundbreaking design played a pivotal role in the revival of the long-forgotten OM shape, which has since become the world's second most popular steel-string guitar. In a gesture of immense generosity, Dana Bourgeois graciously lent Eastman an original Soloist and offered invaluable guidance in creating this exceptional instrument.

The E1OMCE-Special proudly carries the distinction of being Eastman's first cutaway OM model in many years, an achievement that further elevates its appeal. With its roots firmly embedded in the illustrious Soloist body, this guitar epitomises the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. Unparalleled versatility is given thanks to the pre-installed Fishman Sonitone system, allowing you to effortlessly amplify your sound without compromising the rich acoustic tones of the E1OMCE-Special. Prepare to be captivated by the harmonious blend of classic design and modern advancements, as the E1OMCE-Special opens up new horizons for your musical journey.